Void Rivals #7

Synopsis A decade ago, Darak worked as an Edgewalker, aiding construction projects at the perilous juncture between Agorria and the Wastelands of the Sacred Ring. A mishap involving falling crates placed a fellow worker in peril, prompting Darak to heroically intervene. However, the unforgiving gravity near the Ring’s edge sent […]

Pacific Rim – I can’t believe I waited so long

Plot In 2013, colossal extraterrestrial beasts known as Kaiju emerge from an interdimensional portal called “the Breach” at the depths of the Pacific Ocean, launching assaults on coastal cities. To counter this threat, humanity constructs towering mechs called Jaegers, operated by teams who share a mental connection through a process […]

Ohsama Sentai King Ohger

Synopsis: In the annals of Chikyu’s kingdoms lies an ancient prophecy foretelling the resurgence of the Earth Empire Bugnarak, two millennia following its demise, poised to annihilate humanity once more. Yet, amidst this foreboding, stand five monarchs and their divine protector, King-Ohger, ready to confront this peril. This saga chronicles […]

New / Update Fanfic added to: The Conquest of Evil

New / Update Fanfic added to: The Conquest of Evil

Mistress Vile has returned along with the clone she borrowed from Rita and Zedd. Now after months of training with Scorpina and the indulgence of his mistress, the clone is ready to aid in the conquest of Earth. And the first step in doing so is a one-on-one battle with a Power Ranger.
How will the Rangers fare against a warrior that is prepared to play dirty to get what he wants?

Duke Issue #3

At M.A.R.S. headquarters, the company is in the midst of relocating following Duke’s infiltration, which compromised their security. Destro, realizing the need to eliminate Duke permanently after his escape from authorities, utilizes Dr. Burkhart’s tracking device to locate him. Major Bludd is tasked with this mission, eager to fulfill any […]


Save John Watson… from what?

Tonight I watched the death of Mary Watson and I was upset. After surviving a vengeful former comrade who believed that she had betrayed him, she died saving Sherlock from being shot by a mere secretary. It was a wasteful needless death caused almost entirely by Sherlock's need to taunt. […]

On the right track

When I saw the first ten or so minutes of the show I thought for sure that Sherlock would go and accuse Culverton Smith based on the accusations of the man’s daughter. That Holmes would be betrayed by the daughter and end up hospitalised (I had seen the hospital bed […]