The Successor

Disclaimer: Saban owns the Power Rangers, Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and probably a large number of other things as well. I am using their characters without permission and for no profit whatsoever. Ellen Brand owns Chelsea and Teddy Oliver and I thank her again for letting me use them occasionally. The Doctor, Master, TARDIS, UNIT and Validium are all creations of Terry Nation and appeared in the BBC series Doctor Who. North Valley comes from the series Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad. Queen of the Crown was the villain from Galaxy Rangers and is owned by Saban. Mandarin is owned by Marvel and Golobulus belongs to whoever created Action Force the Movie.
Timeline: This story is immediately after cliffhanger at the end of Rangers Gone Psycho Part 3.
Authors Note: Anything written like ~this~ is a thought, anything like -this- is a conversation Sam is eaves dropping on, [this] is a computer message and anything appearing like *this* is a mental telepathic message.
This story is a part in an alternate version of the Conquest of Evil series, however events here are different.

The Successor
by Shadow Ranger

3 August 1996

Minion was gone, defeated by the Power Rangers, but that didn’t mean that the continuing battle between good and evil had ended. Whenever a villain fell there was a tradition of another stepping in to take his place. Often the new villain would be of at least if not greater standing than his predecessor. On this occasion it was a being was already a legend, in his own mind. And though he had yet to meet them in battle, he had been watching the events on Earth since Minion had first arrived. He was an opportunist. Selfish and power hungry the only thing he would not risk to seize power was his own life. Unless of course he has already found a way to guarantee his survival. As he strolled through the remains of the Prison Sub-dimension, he salvaged everything of value.

He walked into the chamber containing the imprisoned VR Troopers and Beetleborgs. He considered killing them but decided not to. Pressing a button, he returned them to their homes.

He had already teleported the Power Rangers to Angel Grove Park, taking care to hide their identities. It would be no fun destroying them if everyone knew who they were. Not that the Zeo Rangers would be in action for a while, he was aware of what Nekron had done to Tommy and was anticipating the fallout of that little pact with the devil.

Then he walked into the area where Silvo and Bronzo were still lying motionless. Silvo was not worth a second glance. He was too loyal to Minion to serve anybody else and that loyalty had been hardcoded into him, making it almost impossible to change. Bronzo was another case altogether. The henchman had been created using a human as part of the raw material, a human who was weak, feeble and totally corruptible.

Noticing the side door leading off to another dimensional locker, he walked through and discovered Minion’s secret stash. Inside were the fourteen Psycho Rangers Minion had created, all sleeping with little chance of waking up. Their separation from the Lin Kuei Crystal prevented them from using their powers.

Next he came to the set of Zords that Minion had collected. Although big and powerful they were not what the he wanted, although they gave him an insight into just how unstable Minion had been. ~He created a miniature army and a fleet of war machines and never considered using them together.~ He moved further on until he came to Minion’s war room.

Walking inside the war room he laid eyes on what he desired. It was a combination of magic and technology, forged into a long wooden staff. On the end of the staff was a small white coloured jewel. It was something he recognised from his his history lesson, but he wondered if Minion had ever truly understood its abilities. In it’s current form, the staff had a limited number of abilities. It could be used to pull matter through time and space, it could alter living cells and it could draw in, absorb or expel energy. Of course those were its abilities on its own. When used alongside other relics, it was capable of so much more.

While his powers were vastly different from Minion – for his race had long ago decided to keep away from the sort of magic Minion would use, he had abilities of his own. Most of those powers were based on the latent telepathy was an inherited and vital part of his genetics. It allowed them to influence the weakerminded although he favoured hypnosis over the usual approach and to fit in amongst the masses. It also allowed them to convey a sense of trust which he had used more than once as a way of drawing somebody close enough to stab them in the back.

In addition he was trained in the fighting styles of more than six hundred worlds gathered over nine hundred years of travel. On Earth he had studied the strategies and philosophies of some of the Earth’s greatest leaders, dictators, conquerors and warriors. He had studied Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Ghengis Kahn, Adolph Hitler and even Ivan the Terrible among others. He had learnt from their mistakes and made notes about their victories.

~After all,~ he thought to himself, ~What better strategy to use to defeat a bunch of humans than one created by a human?~

Rita, Zedd, Mondo, Louie Kaboom, Gasket and even Minion had tried to use strategies that had worked on other worlds. But Earth was not like other worlds. Earthlings were cut off from magic and limited in their understanding of technology. But they had imagination and luck on their side and that seemed to tip the balance in their favour.

He had visited Earth on many occasions in the past and had seen them fight among themselves. One group of humans could outwit another group of humans using human strategies.

Now all he needed was a place from which to strike. He did not want to stay at Stone Henge. The site had reverted to its original condition when Minion died. Instead he chose to shirt his location to a less obvious place. To be successful he needed a working plan and some monsters to help him carry the plan out. First though he needed to study his enemies. He needed to know where they were at all times if he was going to defeat them. Fortunately hacking into video feeds from satellites positioned around the globe was a very simple task.

“I hope you’re well rested Rangers,” he said. “Because the fun is about to start.”