The Omega Protocol

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The Omega Protocol

The Power Ranger Museum, New Tech City

As the visitors roamed their way through the building, they came to a stop in one of the many lecture halls. Today there was a special presentation and so in addition to the many school children, there were members of the press waiting to hear the exciting news.

A shower of sparks appeared on the stage, mimicking the teleportation effect they had seen in the holographic dramas of the Power Rangers. The sparks faded, leaving behind a young man with dark hair and a fixed smile.

"Hi folks, I'm Max Speed, Ranger historian and resident expert on…" he paused for dramatic effect… "THE POWER RANGERS!" He winked at a few of the ladies suggestively. "Now those of you who've been here before will know that I am this facility's senior tour guide and expert in all things regarding the Power Rangers, their enemies and the many battles they fought to protect this planet. My video guide The Life and Times of Zordon of Eltare can be purchased on your way out.

"Today I have the special privilege to unveil the museum's exhibition. The last great battle the Power Rangers fought: The Mavro Armada. Our historians have spent years compiling the records of what was the biggest gathering of Rangers or all time. And using information obtained from recently discovered sources we can now reveal the origins of Emperor Mavro himself. So listen closely and let me tell you a tale…

"Records show that there was once a powerful emperor who conquered his away across the cosmos. He was a very good conqueror and the number of star systems under his dominion grew rapidly. Before long his territory was too big for him to control completely and he was faced with either halting his path of conquest or abandoning control of the systems furthest away.

"He refused both options, preferring a riskier plan. Using a combination of science and occult knowledge the emperor created a clone that would serve as emperor in his place. The clone he left behind was the ruler of all the domain the Emperor granted him, along with troops and ships to support his new kingdom, but was ultimately a puppet ruler answering to the Emperor's whims.

"The Emperor had continued to spread his territory far beyond his original territory and at its peak he had built an empire that would never be seen again. And then his rule had been broken and the empire crumbled. His fleet was devastated and the planets he most recently added fought back in rebellion against the remnants of his forces.

"But what of the clones? When the Emperor lived they had been tied to his will and served as minor kings. But while he had ensured their loyalty to himself as Emperor he had never expected to be defeated or to die. He had therefore never named a successor or established a hierarchy amongst the clones, all of whom naturally considered themselves second only to their creator.

"Some tried to claim the throne, holding themselves up as being the chosen successor because they were older or the latest clone and therefore holding more of the original's memories. Some had upgraded themselves or developed new abilities during their existence that they felt made them superior to the others. Some claimed to be great warriors, great strategists, powerful wielders of technology or masters of the occult. War broke out between some of the clones as they tried to preserve the Emperor's territory when in reality their actions were causing it to break further apart.

"Time moved forward the clones maintained their territories. Some tried to emulate their creator by setting forth on new expeditions to reclaim what they considered lost territory. Others sought to expand the great empire even further without the cloning technology that had allowed the Emperor to maintain control. They became nomadic conquerors spreading through the cosmos but losing control of the worlds they conquered when they overstretched their forces. Before long the knowledge that they had once all been servants of the same being had been forgotten.

"Empires don't last forever and with the loss of the Emperor, the puppet rulers he had left behind found it more and more difficult to maintain their authority. Some were overthrown, some killed and other imprisoned. A few maintain their power through fear or even changed their approach and became worthy rulers. What became of those left behind is unclear because over such vast distances news was scarce, but some of those that adopted an expansionist stance became the founders of some of the most infamous empires in the known cosmos.

"But it seemed no matter how infamous they were or how powerful they had become; they were all eventually drawn to an innocent little planet named Earth where sooner or later they met their demise as this small record made following the Mavro Armada reveals."

And lo the vast Armada arrived at the fabled planet Earth, its captains confident that they would enjoy a victory where so many had failed. And the Emperor Mavro did lead the fleet and his sons Vekar and Vrak did command their forces within. And Vekar was tasked to command the ships in space while Vrak descended to the surface and to lead the soldiers there. And they did have the advantage of numbers and firepower and experience, for the Empire had been around long before the Earth had become a planet of interest.

The Emperor sent a message demanding the surrender of the planet and the people of Earth did reject his claim. And so the Emperor ordered his army to attack without mercy to show those that defied him why it was unwise to do so.

And the Earth did gather its forces and the heroes of Earth did assemble. And the Power Rangers did stand defiant and they did call forth their power and summon their Zords. And they marched into a battle they had no chance of winning.

"The story of Emperor Mavro and his Armada had been told for centuries, but many of the facts have been lost through the ages. We know that the Armada boasted over a thousand large vessels and countless smaller ships, but represented only a small part of the empire. We also know that Mavro had been confident that he would emerge victorious as he had planned for an all-out assault as opposed to a drawn out war of attrition.

"Research shows that Mavro had known that Earth was defended, but that he had misunderstood the nature of that protection. He thought there were only a dozen defenders, maximum when in fact the phrase 'Once a Ranger, always a Ranger,' had become more than a motto. With the help of a team of dedicated Red Rangers, it had been turned into the foundation of Earth's defence. Every team of retired Rangers had been recruited to answer the call should the day arise when multiple teams were needed. Zords had been built, repaired and modified to fight on a larger scale. In short when Mavro arrived, the Rangers were ready for war."

The Astro Megaship led those Zords that had been upgraded for space flight. With the Delta Megaship and Mega Winger covering it, the ship dodged in and out of the oncoming vessels. Pyramidas the mighty flying pyramid not only packed a punch with its weapons, but acted as a shield for the smaller Zords that had accompanied them. The Super Zeo Zords, Phoenix Zord, Ninja Falcon Zord, Ninja Crane Zord and Red Dragon Zord separated to carry out their own automated attacks as the Pterodactyl Dino Zord did the same.

It was all out warfare as the flying Zords of different teams carried out the instructions of their remote operators. High in the mountains around the world Zeo Zord I and Zeo Zord II tracked and opened fire on exposed crafts. The Mega Voyager had taken up position on a high peak and launched it Mega V3 Rocket, managing to take out two large vessels with a single shot. Meanwhile the Mega Tigerzord used its finishing weapon to pick off distant targets. It didn't have the range of the Mega V3 Rocket, but it could fire repeatedly.

Closer to the ground the Zords that lacked flight capability targeted the landing crafts before the Armada's forces could disembark. More than a hundred Zords representing the many Rangers that had defended the Earth worked together to crush the invaders. The Wild Zords and those capable of acting on their own allowed the rest to function either on autopilot or via remote command.

Because as their Zords were fighting an epic battle for control of the skies, the Rangers were battling on the ground. Every weapon in their arsenal, every trick they had ever discovered was unleashed against their opponents. They didn't spare the enemy a second thought have discovered that they were a vast robotic army.

Individually and as teams they attacked, cutting down the Empire's soldiers before they could gain a foothold. Earth's military joined them, using technology they had recovered from previous invasions to fight off their new enemy.

"As you can see they Rangers had devised a means of protecting their homes from even the greatest threats. What followed was a very once-sided battle, but Mavro had the option to withdraw and fight another day. For some reason that we only recently discovered, he chose not to. We have now located the black boxes from Mavro's flagship and it explains that the Emperor had something in mind."

On the bridge of the Armada's flagship it was clear that despite their numbers and huge advantage in firepower, the Armada was on the verge of defeat. The Rangers continued to strike at them, the Falcon Zord folding its wings and spinning in order to take out multiple foes with its wing blasts. The Megaships shifted between ship and robot modes allowing them to smash the larger ships. The Rangers were clearly outnumbered and yet at the rate they were cutting their way through the Armada's flank it was clear the Empire was in trouble.

"We should withdraw our forces and regroup," one of the Emperor's advisor's urged. "We can make repairs and then return in formation and strike them down."

"Our forces are stretched to the limit and their Zords are too fast for our gunners," another offered. "We're more likely to hit ourselves at this rate. We need to reorganise our vessels"

"And your opinion Levira?" the Emperor asked.

"If we remain here we risk defeat," the scientist told him. "They have devastated our fleet and completely out manoeuvred our ground forces. If we do not withdraw now they will destroy the fleet. A tactical withdraw would allow us to reorganise our forces and call in reinforcements." She waited as the advisors nodded in full agreement. It would also mark the end of the Empire."

Her analysis was met by angry dismissals that she did not know what she was talking about. The Emperor however pondered her words.


"At this moment our forces are low on fuel and heavily damaged. Some of our ships will be completely lost if they remain much longer. Combined with those we have already lost this battle has proven too costly. However, the Rangers are also low on energy and even now they are using up their limited resource to maintain their momentum. If we withdraw we will be able to refuel, and so will they. And the next time we meet them they will again be at full strength. History shows that after the first encounter with the Rangers of Earth the chances of winning a battle diminish. Calling in reinforcements will weaken the rest of your empire."

"An what would you suggest?" the strategist demanded. "The longer we remain here the greater the risk to this ship and the Emperor."

"Military strength is not the answer to every problem," she answered. "We have technology at our disposal that can defeat these Rangers. Use it and the Empire will win the day. Activate the Omega Protocol."

Her suggestion was not what the Emperor's advisor's had suggested. The Omega Protocol had never been tested, it had never been fully developed. It was a single use strategy that carried the highest possible risk and the greatest potential rewards. Naturally they protested about the danger.

"Emperor this strategy is literally suicide," one protested. "We have no way of knowing that it will work."

"The moment you send the signal we will be forced to either follow through or waste our most devastating weapon," another offered. "This is a one-time weapon and this is not the time."

"Those that lose their first encounter with the Rangers of Earth and their allies never win the war," Levira reminded them. "There is no strategic withdrawal, only retreat. At that point we lose"

"Enough," the Emperor interrupted. "Recall our ground forces and gather the fleet."

"Yes my Emperor, a wise choice," the strategist oozed.

"Levira, prepare the Omega Protocol."

"At one Emperor," Levira responded.

She gave the orders for the various ships to activate their scanning arrays and turn all sensors toward the Earth. As the fleet was re-joined by what remained of the landing ships, she instructed them on their new formation.

"At the Emperor's command all captains will lower their shields and follow the Emperor's flagship," she told them.

There were numerous protests but when the Emperor gave them the same instruction there was only silent obedience.

"Begin Omega Protocol!"

The Armada pulled away from Earth and then about turned and charged toward the small world. They ignored the flying Zords as they tried to pick off their numbers. This was no longer and invasion force; it was a kamikaze mission.

"The recovered black boxes revealed no details of the Omega Protocol or why it required Mavro to make such a suicidal move. Our experts have suggested that time travel had been a possibility, but if so then the plan failed miserably."

The Rangers did not know the Emperor's strategy, but it was obvious that he intended to crash his fleet into the planet. And despite the combined firepower of their many Zords, there was no possibility of stopping them. There was only one option, a final weapon devised by the late Zordon of Eltare that drew upon the combined powers of the Rangers and directed them as a single powerful blast. It was a weapon that could only be used once because doing so would burn out their powers, but it was also a weapon that grew more powerful as more and more Rangers joined the Earth's defenders.

"All right guys," Tommy Oliver, the greatest Ranger in Earth's history and the leader of the Red Rangers that had assembled the many teams. "It's now or never…"

Their voices rang out as the hearts and minds of the Rangers united for the purpose of protecting the planet. "We call on the power of all ours combined!"

A beam of multi-coloured light shot from their bodies, merging as it sped toward the approaching fleet. The blast intercepted the Armada, tearing it apart and scattering it to dust as the Rangers powered down for the last time.

The Armada was gone, the Earth was safe and the Power Rangers had triumphed once more.

"And that concludes the tale of the fall of the Armada. The Emperor and his heirs perished in the attack. The exact nature of the Omega Protocol has never been discovered. Many agree that the destruction of the Armada was an important part of it."

He held up the charred remains of a black box.

"This is all that remains of the Armada," he explained. "This was the black box used to record the ships' logs. It was ejected from the Emperor's vessel at the moment of its destruction perhaps as a way to secure his legacy. From this box we uncovered the origins of Emperor Mavro and his Armada and exclusive footage of the battle as it took place. Now sadly while there is a great deal more information within the box, most of it has been encrypted beyond our ability to read. Our archivists are still extracting footage from the battle, but I'm sure you'll agree this sheds new light on a part of our history that until now had been lost."

The lecture continued for a little longer, explaining that the black box would be joining other exhibits within the Power Ranger Museum where the people could learn about the heroes to whom the world owed such a great debt and pushing the vast array of Max Speed merchandise available from the museum shop.


The Museum had closed for the night, the doors were locked and the glass cases containing some of the more fragile exhibits had been securely locked away.  The displayed items were of great scientific and historical interest, but held very little monetary value. In the years since the museum had officially opened following the apprehension of the mutant criminal Ransik there had been a few protests from visiting aliens, but never any thefts.

Well there had been one attempt to steal some of the artefacts, which had failed and caused a great deal of damage to the museum. The perpetrator had been caught and at the suggestion of Time Force's own team of Rangers, he had been given a unique sentence: by day he performed community service as the museum's main tour guide, and by night he cleaned up the mess left behind by the guests he spent the day entertaining. It was a five-year sentence and Max had tried to make the best of it, but as both jobs were compulsory and unpaid, he was forced to make money by other means, mostly by selling merchandise to visitors.

"I could have been a Ranger you know," he said as he gave a particularly stubborn piece of gum a scrape. "I would have been the best Ranger you could imagine. I would have been a real hero. It's my destiny, a role I was born into and named for. You know, Max Speed…"

"Your parents named you Melvin," a tinny voice replied. "You changed your name without the proper paperwork to avoid bankruptcy."

"That was just a misunderstanding," Max said, waving off the comment. "I forgot to file the paperwork, but it's done now. All legal and above board."

"Very little you do can be described as legal or above board, Melvin. You have currently violated your parole thirty times in the last two days."

"Oh come on Ash, if I was that bad you would have reported me," Max argued.

"You know full well that one of your violations was the installation of a Faraday Field. Communications equipment no longer operates inside this building. A report will be sent as soon as the problem is fixed."

It was true that Max had installed the illegal jamming field, but it had not been intended to prevent Ash from reporting him.  He had been using the Faraday Field to increase sales for his Max Speed Communications Booths, which conveniently did not experience communications issues inside the museum. That doing so also prevented Ash from reporting him was an added bonus.

The running of the merchandise shop was not strictly allowed without a permit and applying for one took money he didn't have. So in order to avoid expensive fines and possible jail time for being a repeat offending, Max had taken the liberty of scrambling Ash's communications system. It was unfortunate he could not delete the evidence while he was at it, but many of Ash's systems were security protected.

Just why they had assigned Ash to act as his probation officer was unclear and in his opinion unfair. The judge had mentioned something about low morals and attempts to corrupt human officers. Max thought the judge was just jealous. It wasn't Max's fault that his former parole officers had ended up in his bed at some point. Ash was a nuisance because he could not be seduced, bribed or threatened. Destroying the small orb-shaped robot would set off an alarm and land him back in jail without the possibility of parole; in the Thirty First Century the authorities did not discriminate when it came to machines, only mutants.

"I was only trying to make life easier so I could work harder," he tried.

"You were trying to make life easier so you could bribe the judge," Ash answered.

"Just you wait Ash, I'll win my appeal and sue the entire Law Enforcement Division. And the first thing I'll demand is they send you to the scrap yard."

"Your chances of success are extremely low given the evidence against you," Ash pointed out.

"What evidence? A few people say I did a few things, it's not like they have a confession."

At that point Ash took the opportunity to replay all of the offences Max had committed while the robot had been assigned as his parole officer, followed by Max's boastful confessions of his crimes as he lamented the few he got caught for.

"Okay, it might take a little more…" he cut himself off before he said money. "… effort."

"If you say so. Information… you are now two hours behind schedule. All remaining work this evening will not be accredited to your record."

Max sighed, he just couldn't catch a break.


The museum shook. Max ran to stop an antique vase from falling to the floor. He wasn't sure what it had to do with Power Ranger history, but he was certain the museum's management would try to make him responsible if it broke.

"What was that?" he asked.

"There has been an explosion in the foyer," Ash replied. "I regret to tell you your merchandise has been damaged. Additional… there are six armed intruders inside the museum."

"Who would want to rob a Power Ranger Museum?" Max asked, wondering where would be the safest place to hide.

"You did," Ash replied. "The alarm has been triggered, law enforcement will be arriving shortly."

"But what are they after?"

"Unknown. Intruder are making their way to the Armada Exhibition," Ash answered. "Information… Intruders have vandalised the display."

"They want the black box," Max realised. "That's outrageous! That box is a national treasure, it's a valuable historical record, it's…"

"The only reason you are allowed to wear spandex inside the museum," Ash concluded.

"I have to do something," Max declared. "This could be my big chance. Become a Ranger, stop the bad guys and my record will be cleared. Think of the They'll build a memorial for me."

"You would likely receive a posthumous pardon," Ash agreed. "Information… Intruders have stolen the box and are heading this way."

"I can't face them like this, they'd kill me," Max realised. "Ash, are any of these things working?"

He indicated the collection of Ranger transformation devices and weapons stored in the cabinets. Most had been disabled before they were placed on display. Others could not be made safe and had instead been placed under heavy protection. Max had long suspected that Ash was aware which ones were safe and which ones were a risk. He had planned to find a way to fool the machine into telling him so he could liberate them and raise some funds for his favourite charity: The Max Speed Relief Fund.

"Yes," the machine answered unhelpfully.

"Well which ones?" he pressed.

"I can't tell you that Melvin. Your parole prohibits you from attempting to use any of the items on display for personal use."

"I want to stop them from stealing the black box," Max reasoned.

"And then you will use them to build on your fame and 'cash in' on your adventures," Ash countered.

A metal stomping could be heard and Max looked up to see six robotic soldiers marching in their direction.

"Hey I recognise them, they served what his name? Emperor Marvin."

"Mavro," Ash corrected. "You really should learn the name; it is part of your job after all."

Each robot carried a club and one held onto the black box. When they spotted Ash and Max arguing one of them raised its club and fired a projectile in their direction.

"Ash look out!" Max cried, grabbing the small machine and pulling it to safety as the cabinets behind them exploded.

"Information… That was a close one."

"You're not kidding me. Now about those weapons?"

"Self-defence is a valid exemption," Ash allowed, a beam of light highlighting several items.

"All right!" Max exclaimed as he scrambled to reach the storage cabinets. He pulled out a Delta Morpher used by SPD Rangers before the formation of Time Force. "One-hour charge, full armaments. I always wanted one of these. "Judgement Time!"

He pointed the morpher toward the approaching robots and flicked a switch, allowing it to conduct the scans needed to determine innocence or guilt.


Max grinned, preparing to shift to Containment Mode.

"You're holding it backwards Melvin," Ash warned. "You just judged yourself."

"What? Oh right, hold on guys… hey!"

The robots were on the attack.

"Oh, um, SPD Emergency!" he called using the Delta Morpher's other function. The morpher flashed and then stopped working. "Ash?"

"Criminals that have been judged guilty are not allowed to use the morpher," Ash informed him. "Information… You need to duck."

Max scrambled away, plucking a Turbo Morpher off a display stand. He grabbed a Power Coin and a few other examples of Ranger technology. He was panicking as he read the instructions on the back of multiple devices – just why there were instruction there was unclear – and tried to use them all at the same time.

The activation of several power sources at once – for Max was in such a panic that he didn't wait to see if one set worked before activating the next – was disappointing. The morphers rapidly cancelled each other out since they were not designed to work together and entered their default timeout for the protection of their user. The shockwave they created protected him from attack and sent him flying into a display of Battlizers. His left arm brushed against a Lightspeed Battle Booster, which promptly strapped itself to his forearm, while his right arm grabbed hold on a sword that was lying around.

Despite being a parole office, Ash's priority was to make sure that no harm came to Max during his punishment. Therefore, when it was clear his charge's life was in danger, the robot moved to save him. A force field blocked an incoming projectile as Ash used his force fields to manipulate the Battle Booster. With little application of knowledge, Ash activated the variation devices, forcibly transforming Max into an armoured suit.

"All right!" Max proclaimed as he examined his new form.

Based off the Lightspeed Rangers, the new armour was a combination of the various Battlizers. He wasn't technically a Ranger, but Ash didn't expect that to stop Max from claiming to be one.

"I told you I could be a Ranger," Max cheered. "Max Speed, Ranger."

"If you've finished cheering there's still the matter of the intruders," Ash warned.

"What? Oh… yeah. Hey do you think I need a pose of some sort?"

"I think you need to pay attention."

Max looked up in time to notice the heavy club, before it hit him in the shoulder. That didn't mean he managed to counter, block or avoid it. His first stint as a hero was not turning out too well.

"Power Punch!" His right fist shot out, connecting with the chest of a machine. The machine flew away from him. "Power chop!" He struck out at a second machine with an open-hand chop and the machine's shoulder separated. "Power Elbow!"

"There is no need to name every move you make," Ash pointed out.

"How can I trade mark them then?" Max asked.

If Ash had been capable of sighing, he would have. Sadly, machines were meant to endure.

"Fine, I'll handle it!" Max groused. "Super energised ray!"

Uncontrolled energy shot from his body, decimating everything in its path, including the intruders and most of the room.


Five of the machines had been destroyed, but one had escaped, carrying the black box to safety while the others caused the destruction of the Power Rangers Museum to hide the theft. As police and fire response teams moved to control the explosion, the robot sped to its meeting point, knowing that in what was left of its arms, it held the key to the rebirth of the Mavro Dynasty.


Max groaned as he took in his surroundings. He did not remember the river being close to the museum. Since it was light he assumed he had been out for a while.

"What happened? How did I get here?"

"Your suit realised you were in danger and teleported you a safe distance before closing down," Ash answered. The small robot was covered in soot and having problems hovering. "You blew up the museum."

"The intruders…"

"Are all gone," Ash told him. "Despite your inexperience and over enthusiasm, you managed to destroy all hostile intruders.

"So I saved the day, I'm a hero!" Max cried, happy that his efforts would be rewarded.

"Not exactly," Ash said. "You are currently wanted for theft, fraud, arson, numerous breaches of your parole and the kidnap of your supervision droid."

That had been an unfortunate turn of events. The Faraday Field had failed seconds before the teleportation had activated, allowing Ash to transmit the details of all Max's illicit activities. But before Ash could give a complete update of their situation they had been whisked away to safety and Ash's communication coil had been left behind. Now Max was being sought for crimes he had not committed – as well as those he really had committed – and was deemed a high risk due to the alleged kidnapping of Ash.

"It is all a misunderstanding Max and assuming you are allowed to live long enough to tell your side, you have evidence to back you up. Information… you are also the prime suspect in the theft of a Time Force Eagle. You are now being sort as a potential time criminal."

"I didn't steal a Time Force Eagle," Max protested. Then he realised that in his panic he was not certain what he took from the museum. "Did I?"

"Your current arsenal includes one decommissioned Time Force Eagle," Ash replied. "However the vehicle in question was stolen from Time Force Headquarters at a time when you were unconscious after destroying the Power Ranger Museum. You have a strong alibi… which is worthless since time travel is involved."

"Ash you're NOT helping," Max told him, trying to think his way out of the situation. "Okay, some robots from the Mavro Empire reappear at the Power Ranger Museum, grab a black box and then steal a Time Force Eagle… why?"

"Logic suggests they intend to travel through time," Ash stated.

"Yes but why would now?" It was right there; he could almost see the answer. "The black box! The black box vanished after the crash because Time Force retrieved it meaning they had to wait for it to reappear. But what was so important about it… unless."

"Are you okay Max?" Ash asked. "Thinking to hard is not good for you."

"It's the Omega Protocol," Max told him. "The black box is the Omega Protocol."

"That makes no sense."

"Yes it does," Max insisted. "In the final moments they sped towards the Earth with all sensors linked to the flagship. They recorded the power signatures of every Ranger there and all their allies, and stored it in the black box knowing they had units on the ground that would survive. There was bound to be an opportunity for time travel at some point, all they had to do was grab the black box and go back in time to before the Armada arrived…"

"… And give them the means to destroy the planet's defenders," Ash concluded. "Without the black box they could not do so and now they have the box and the means to use it."

"The museum was meant to hide what they'd stolen," Max continued, "which means one of them was meant to survive."

"Information… communications system has been restored. Transmitting all evidence and updating status. You are no longer wanted for kidnapping or theft of Time Force equipment. Time Force has been informed of possible time travel."

Well that was a good thing. Far from perfect since he was still wanted for other crimes, but at least he would not be frozen on sight. And now he had super powers and with the right manager, he could see the sponsorship deals flooding in.

A pulse of blue light in the distance caught his attention. It was too low for a normal flight.

"What is that?" He asked out loud.

"That is the stolen Time Force Eagle," Ash answered. "Time travel will commence in…"

But Max had already realised what the thief was up to and was in the process of giving chase. His own Time Force Eagle could not travel through time unless it was following another vehicle. Max had locked onto the stolen Time Force Eagle and was in hot pursuit. It wasn't a totally unselfish act as even as he prepared himself for the risks Max was calculating the money he would make from the talk show circuit after he stopped them.

"Warning: time portal ahead!"

"You'd better hold on Ash, we're going in!"

"Information… you have been detected."

"Does this thing have weapons?" Max asked. Obviously it did since the other Time Force Eagle had just opened fire open him.

"Information… weapon systems on this vehicle were deactivated for safety reasons."

"Do you have any useful suggestions?" he asked.

"No," Ash answered after calculating their odds of survival since they were now linked to the other vehicle and incapable of breaking free. "All possibilities suggest you will die in this encounter. I'm sorry."

"If you think I am going to die before they pay me compensation and give me everything I deserve; you have another thing coming." He pushed down on the throttle, well aware that firing its weapons had slowed the stolen Time Force Eagle. "All shields to front."

"Information… Temporal shielding is not intended to withstand physical impacts."

"Well since we're moving faster we'll have to hope it helps," Max countered.

Max's vehicle caught up to the other Time Force Eagle just as it was about to enter the portal. The was a loud bang as the two vehicles were mangled together by the impact, throwing them both off course. Then they broke apart again, spinning into the unstable portal as it started to collapse.

"Information…" Ash cried out as he was thrown about the cockpit. "I hate youuuuuuuu…."