History 101: Change of Position

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Authors Note: This is an alternate universe with an alternate time line.

History 101: Change of Position

“Isn’t it a wonderful sight?” Solomos asked as they watched Shadow literally shatter to form a new race of gods. “Of course you can’t just have good gods and evil gods if they’re going to be separated into their own pantheons. The universe has a sense of humour and no doubt found it hilarious to have such divisions within the many pantheons. In the end though they carried Shadow’s indifference to the conflict between Good and Evil and preferred to let the little people fight out rather than involve themselves.”

“Poor imitations,” Trelayne grumbled.

And he was right in a way. The gods that Shadow had spawned were second generation combatants and not as dedicated as their predecessors. What they could foresee was how the universe was prepared to move on without their influence. The mortals they had chosen as playthings were the new dominant life forms and even though the gods could crush them with little effort, the worship they received from the little creatures kept them strong.

“The survivor of Darke’s followers was surprising,” Noah said in the silence that followed. “I was certain the golden wave had destroyed them.”

“Yes,” Solomos agreed, glancing at the smug look on Trelayne’s face. “It was unexpected although their imprisonment in a shared dimension meant that their ability to cause trouble was limited.” The smug smile had turned into a scowl.

“Their ability to reshape their prison to their liking is commendable,” Noah added and Solomos started to understand that while Noah felt the need to take a stance opposite to Trelayne’s belief, there was no underlying moral preference. In a way the young External was following his true nature by annoying those he considered pompous fools.

The formation of a unified Hell from the many smaller prisons had allowed the servants of Darke to regroup. That there had been a unified Heaven had tipped him off that the Celestials had likely reshaped reality to clean up in the aftermath of the war. It had also shifted the old powers out of the way to make room for the new realms they had been working on – for the Celestials were the builders of reality and had no interest in the destructive theatre of war.

“I was surprised so many of Darke’s creations survived the golden wave,” Solomos agreed. “They’re sudden increase in intellect and declaration as Dark Gods was most likely an attempt to save face following their defeat.”

“Mortilus’ tribe were just as quick to jump at the chance to establish themselves,” Noah agreed. “Although with the emergence of the Light Gods, Saints and Angels, the balance was sustained.”

There it was again, a small jab at Trelayne that showed that Noah was well aware of the little interventions he was making to reshape history, and the Noah was prepared to poke the timelines just enough to put them back on track.

“The Mortal Realm was barely formed at this point,” Solomos explained. “Despite the obvious attempts to keep outside parties from involving themselves, the barriers were to frail to completely block them. And the Celestials having built the realms of glory had made this a very mundane place. Mortals are very easy to play with and extremely fragile. The voice of a demon of angel whispering in their minds could influence them, but not grant total control. But find a candidate, somebody who can convince others to follow a cause and you have the making of a new army.”

“One demon… or angel,” Noah amended, “and an army of millions.”

“What of Jenga and Ma’erok?” Trelayne demanded. “Where did they go?”

“Wherever they needed to,” Solomos answered. “Each was destined to become the dominant evil in their own universe, but not in this one. If they survived here they would have been relegated to myth and legend instead of leading the fight as they deserved.”

He could see Trelayne nodding in full agreement with his statement. In truth he suspected they had fought so hard they had ended up throwing each other out of Hell and found themselves trapped somewhere less friendly. Either way they were not relevant to the lesson and he chose to move on.

“Here we see the universal balance once in force,” Solomos commented as he viewed an angel physically entering the Mortal Realm. “To enter the Mortal Realm they are required to give up so much power. The withdrawal symptoms must be incredible, no wonder only the bravest or most dedicated warriors from both sides did so.”

The world of the mortals was clearly important, but the Externals were already aware of that fact. That it became so important so early on was truly astounding.

“The Universe continued to expand and the fight between Good and Evil was moving from the highest forms of life to its most primitive. In spite of that the fighting would become more vicious and the cost of taking a stand had never been higher.”

Trelayne snorted in disbelief. Some of the mortals he had seen couldn’t even throw a fireball.

“You think them weak and cowardly?” Solomos guessed. “Just remember that they cannot escape death by abandoning a body at the last moment. In the case of the mortals giving their lives for the cause was a literal thing. And if you doubt me, just watch what happened next.”

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