History 101: Truth of the Matter

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek or Power Rangers. They belong to their respective copyright owners along with all associated characters. Noah, Solomos, Trelayne and the other Externals are based on a number of sources, including the Q and the Continuum come from Star Trek the Next Generation, and from the Original Series episode Squire of Gothos. The start scene where they are staring into the bowl was taken from Jason and the Argonauts. Some Star Wars related concepts belong to Lucas Arts and the respective copyright owners. There are also a few references to The Players from Doctor Who, the Monitors from DC Universe and many others. The One is based on a number of characters that belong to DC Comics, Image Dream Wave and Marvel.
Authors Note: This is a fanfic based within the Conquest of Evil Multiverse; technically this story is the beginning of the multiverse. The events follow their own timeline and are not related to any of my other series. If you have read Conquest of Evil, the events observed take place between The Beginning and the end of the Minion saga. This chapter is intended as an insight into the Externals. If the events seem different than they did during In the Beginning it is because these are events viewed from a different perspective.

History 101: Truth of the Matter

The images stopped, allowing Solomos to summarise all they had seen.

“In the beginning there was nothing and all was well. Then something changed and the darkness protested. Its protests gained sentience and the sentience took a form to consume anything that dared invade its territory. Those unable to see such things would merely envision a wave of destruction: Entropy. Large, filled with many interesting sights the universe expanded, it remained that way for a long time until the first reaction between strains of proteins created life. And then life faded and the universe was destroyed. Entropy won, the universe died. You already know this and that shows how superior our understanding is to others.”

The two young Externals watched with something close to awe and their older companion could understand their feelings. There were few sights that could inspire the imagination of an External, but this was close. One of his young companions grinned wickedly at the prospect of having some fun and twitched the corner of his mouth, adjusting the effects of gravity and slowing the reaction. It wasn’t much, but the shift allowed the destructive waves to catch up to the growing universe and ended it much sooner than it should have. Luckily it was no great loss.

“Stop that!” Solomos snapped.

The damage was done; there was nothing he could do to correct his young companion’s idiocy. He promptly considered removing the young hellion’s powers and leaving him to float in the void for a few thousand years. But that wouldn’t correct the problem he had come to solve.

“If you do anything like that again, Trelayne,” he told the misbehaving child, “I will plunge you into a black hole.” He knew that one day he would be forced to mentor Trelayne and possibly Noah too, so it was better they understood that he was not to be messed with.

“Look,” Noah cried, pointing to the rapidly shrinking universe.

Solomos looked and was relieved to see that the interference had not caused irreparable damage; the lonely universe was not just fading to nothingness as he had feared and given what they were witnessing, this interference had only aided the natural process.

“Oh no,” Solomos groaned. He was going to be in trouble for this.

The end arrived. For a long time there was nothing and then the universe was reborn. A lone egg and a number of primitive life forms the only remnant of the old universe.

“Some would call those things bacteria,” Solomos observed, pointing to one particular species of organism that seemed intent on eating the outside of the egg. “They’re not though. These are zero-cell organisms, invisible without out sight. They’re barely scratching the surface of the egg, but as they feed they are excreting the raw stuff of matter… and anti-matter. See, there for just a second matter and anti-matter collided. Imagine how violent that explosion will become when they’ve eaten a bit more.”

“Why is there just one egg?” Trelayne asked. “Now if I was doing it, I wouldn’t have settled for an egg. Frog spawn would be much better.”


Again it was too late. Trelayne had acted before Solommos could stop him. The only thing he could do now was clean up the mess, again. A click of his fingers and the egg was restored, the frog spawn scattered throughout the void. As they watched the universe forming, the egg cracked and gave birth to the first inhabitant: The One. Solomos sensed that the frog spawn had also hatched, creating untold alternate universes, forming a multiverse.

“Look at him, all powerful and magnificent; that is what the pinnacle of evolution looks like,” Solomos scolded. “And if we look closer, we’ll be able to make out that like most other life out there, he is the host of countless viruses, bacteria and parasites. Just like every other race, except Externals. Do you know why we do not carry bacteria and other vermin?”

“Because we evolved beyond such things?” Trelayne guessed.

“Wrong!” Solomos boomed before turning to Noah. “Want to try?”

“Because we are bacteria?” the young External tried.

“Correct! We Externals, along with a number of other races you have yet to meet that make us look mortal, are little more than bacteria thrown from his body by the explosion that created existence. He didn’t create us only to throw us away; if he was ever aware of our existence he chose to dismiss it. That we survived meant we evolved. That we came from the same origin as him meant we share some of the power he holds. But as pinnacles of evolution go: we’re primitives. Those creatures that were surround the egg are further up the evolutionary ladder than we can ever hope to be. We’re just too arrogant to ever admit it.”

He could see that his words had taken some of the attitude from Trelayne although there was a look of defiance that he knew could mean trouble later.

“There,” Solomos said, picking out a single universe, similar to the one that the younger Externals had been playing with. Somehow it would appear that Trelayne’s actions had been preordained; the creator’s reactions had created the multiverse where their creator dwelt. “Now we just need to ensure that these events follow the desired course. And since you two were so obsessed with Good and Evil, watch closely and learn. This is the birth of a conflict.”

The Story Resumes