The Titanium Tragedy

Disclaimer: I do not own or lay claim to the Power Rangers. No profit is being made from this work. Justin Hammer belongs to Marvel Comics however the references to his previous endeavours to make his weapons appear to work are based on the situations described in the film Pentagon Wars. The Hydrothermal Generator was taken from the Transformers cartoon. The Task Force Operation does indeed refer to Super Sentai shows created prior to Power Rangers but never used by Power Rangers. J-Force is a hybrid of Jetman and Gatchaman. It should be noted that Turboranger refers to the Sentai show Turboranger and not Power Rangers Turbo (even though the Earth-2 equivalent of the Power Rangers Turbo do resemble them).

The Titanium Tragedy

Throughout history the moment a discovery had been made the question raised would always revolve around its military applications. When man had found a way to fly, the generals had tried to determine if the technology could be used to spy. The splitting of the atom, radio, even the caterpillar trail were assessed for their value as weapons of war. Drugs were in production capable of curing the deadliest diseases, but could not be released until scientists found a way to counter them in case they needed to use biological weapons.

So when the Earth’s governments had found definite proof of alien existence on the planet, they had worried more about securing useable technology and weapons than they had about making peace. If Rita Repulsa had only wanted to destroy a part of the Earth there was a good chance the governments might have worked to reach a secret deal. With that in mind it was no surprise that when they had had the opportunity to capture and examine one of the aliens they had seized the chance. That the ‘visitor’ in question had given them access to technology they had not possessed beforehand made it all the better.

The Titanium Morpher represented over a decade of toil. Even though the urgency to develop the device had only increased a few years before, government agencies around the world had sought to unlock the secrets that led to its creation much earlier. When the Task Force Operation had ended due to the refusal of the project’s engineer to continue providing the much needed components, a race had begun to replace the suits that had been such an essential part of the project.

At first they had tried to convince ‘guest’ to show them how the suits worked, but he had refused. Unfortunately while he was willing to see his designs used in sometimes questionable ways, he had objected completely to the policy of purging users every twelve months and by the time he found out about the policy the Task Force Operation had been running for a number of years. Gentle persuasion had given way to methods that had he been human would have been classified as torture; there were no laws against such methods used on aliens. He had steadfastly refused to give them the secrets or explain how to reactivate the previous suits after their year of active service had expired. Once they had threatened to kill him if he did not comply and failed to follow through, there was nothing left for them to bargain with.

At that point the race to find a replacement for the suits had started. Teams of scientists from around the world worked to be the first to unlock the secrets of powered soldiers. No expense had been spare, no resource had been unavailable. Many of the old suits were destroyed in the process before they found a way around the protections that had been installed. In the end one of the American teams had taken the controversial step of using a hostile captive to decode one of the suits.. The secrets of the suit had been unravelled and used to create the Titanium Morpher. They had even managed to salvage a part of the suit’s design template and had used it as proof of their success.

For the military the completion of the Titanium Morpher represented an opportunity to place the protection of the planet into trained military control. The officer overseeing the project had nothing against Lightspeed, but the loss of a team member months earlier had motivated him to find a way to fight the threat to Mariner Bay without putting untrained personnel at risk. Since Lightspeed was at least partially outside of military control, that meant replacing the organisation completely. The Titanium Morpher combined with another project that had recently reported success would mean that a five man team could be replaced by a single operative accompanied by an automated support team.

However despite his pleasure at having developed a workable alternative to Lightspeed, he was not happy. He was a no-nonsense sort of officer. He would have preferred to be arranging the handover of responsibility for protecting Mariner Bay, but the higher-ups had decided that his current assignment required positive media saturation in order to avoid misunderstandings with the public. That he considered the project’s success essential to the protection of his country made it feel even more insulting that they had overruled his objection to this farce of an event.

He glowered as the event’s organiser took to the stage. He was a patriot, he cared about his country and the people under his command. He wanted to save lives by removing troops from danger while recognising that in any battle there was an element of risk. His aim was to reduce that risk as much as possible. The current speaker was more interested in increasing his bank balance and his public image. There was no doubt that the chance to claim a major defence contract that Stark Industries had refused to accept was a boost to the man’s ego.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining us today. It is a pleasure to have so many of our great leaders present and of course the esteemed members of the press. I know that many of you will find what you are about to see difficult to believe, but I promise you will be impressed. Our technicians – all of whom graduated top of their classes from our country’s fine universities – are making the final adjustments, so while they do so let me explain a little more about this project.”

Presentation was everything. Justin Hammer knew that better than most. Over the years he had sold many wonderful weapons to countries around the world, knowing that many of those weapons either didn’t work or were in some way flawed. The heat-seeking missile that had such a badly designed sensor package it had required testers to strap twenty electric fires only the side of a tank in order to make it appear as a target. Even then the missile had failed to explode properly. His biological and chemical weapons had been even more of a disaster. But as long as he continued to present those failures in a favourable light, Hammer would continue to win lucrative defence contracts that would cost many soldiers their lives.

“The world is a dangerous place,” he announced, playing a video of various trouble spots around the globe, starting out with terrorist and unfriendly governments before showing the more recent problems caused by alien invasions. “Lightspeed has gone a long way to curb the threat of these invaders, but more needs to be done. Look at Angel Grove, one threat after another because a decisive stance was not taken to deal with the problem. Such threats need to be dealt with by those focussed on the good of our great country.”

A black and white film replaced the images of carnage and destruction. It was record of a cold winter night many decades earlier.

“This is not the first time this planet has encountered visitors from beyond,” he told the audience although secretly he wasn’t sure the footage was authentic. Based on the truth? Possibly. But he suspected the film had been made much more recently. “This is the recording of an earlier arrival, aliens who crashed on our world. Our government in association with others recognised the value of these visitors and the Task Force Operation was launched. Aided by another visitor, this government bravely fielded teams of powered super heroes to protect the interests of our great nation and our allies.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of trust these magnificent suits were given only a short product life and for reasons of security, a purge protocol was authorised. This led to a misunderstanding with our visitor ally and a withdrawal of his services. The Task Force Operation was abandoned.”

Now came his moment of triumph, when he proved that allowing his personnel access to one of the nations most closely guarded prisoners had been a sensible step, especially since his attempts to reach a deal with the alien scientist responsible for the suits had been such a colossal failure. It was a moment to remember, when he could graciously accept the multi-billion dollar contracts his efforts deserved and push for several other contracts to be awarded to his corporation’s subsidiary companies.

“This was unacceptable! This nation, this planet, will not be held ransom by some alien just because we would rather see a threat dealt with than risk the lives of our loved ones. Our military personnel could escape injury and death thanks to these suits and for that, we needed to be able to create them ourselves.

“Now Lightspeed has done a fantastic job of creating its team of Rangers, but they were starting from scratch and the unfortunate death of one of their team proves that the technology has yet to be perfected. Today you will see the results of successfully unlocking the secrets of alien technology and how it has been successfully used to create a new prototype soldier. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Titanium Morpher!”

He held up the small box with a blue ‘M’ on the front. This was the the result of reverse engineering an earlier set of suits and combining the technology with the schematics ‘borrowed’ from Lightspeed. He had insisted that when used, the morpher would create a Ranger more powerful than anything Lightspeed had managed. After all, he wanted to take that contract away from them. He had not counted on the government already having a technological replacement for Lightspeed in place.

“This morpher has passed every test we could devise. Simulated testing has shown that the user will experience enhanced strength, speed and durability while being protected from most forms of weapons. In short he would be a super soldier.”

Of course there was one last test to perform and Hammer had wanted that test to be public despite the military’s misgivings. The best publicity he could hope to obtain would come from this demonstration.

“Our experts selected the best possible candidate for this test…”

And so Hammer continued to drone on about the work his company had undertaken, building up the public’s understanding of how his staff had overcome the technical difficulties they had been faced with to achieve complete success. It was just a shame that for all the simulations and computerised scenarios, there had not been a single test to make certain the results were accurate.


Hammer had managed to keep talking for at least an hour, covering every possible topic that the press could want to cover, taking the opportunity to ensure that it was understood how his company had been responsible for the success of the entire project. He had gone to great lengths to discuss the qualifications of their test subject, a man the military overseers had initially rejected. In short what was supposed to be a simple new briefing to reassure the public during the transition from a team of human Power Rangers to a single operative assisted by five robotic units, had become a farce.

“… without further ado, let me introduce you to the first part of this spectacular new force: the Cyborg Rangers!”

The spotlight shifted to highlight a collection of robots at the back corner of the stage. Five of the cyborgs stomped forward as the cameras flashed and took up position in the marked spots. Each stood around seven foot tall, had been manufactured from some of the strongest and most expensive materials that could be produced and had been programmed using the combat data of the Lightspeed Rangers. Each was equipped with advanced and powerful weapon systems that could in theory slay a demon instead of merely slowing it down and could act both independent and as directed by their lead operator. However it was the ability to alter their appearances using a combination of shifting components and electronically generated illusions that caused them to flicker and then assume the familiar forms of the Lightspeed Rangers.

“And now the moment you have all been waiting for, the first transformation of the Titanium Ranger. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our volunteer, Earl Grier!”

The conference centre erupted into applause. The press would make this man look like a hero, a lone soldier defending Mariner Bay. They would completely overlook the sixty technicians who even now were scrambling to prepare the initial power up of their new creation.

For his part Earl managed to look dignified as he gave a polite nod to the cameramen and shook hands with the military. Of course Hammer tried to inject a bit of enthusiasm into the event, but it was clear that the volunteer was focussed on the task at hand. He calmly took the Titanium Morpher and then moved to a predetermined spot before waiting patiently as the technicians completed their part of the operation.

“Ladies and Gentlemen for the initial activation of the Titanium Morpher it is necessary to channel a great deal of high voltage electricity into the device. I assure you there is very little current present so you are all safe. However if you would all like to take a step back it would help avoid any unfortunate new hairdos.”

At long last the technicians gave the nod that their part was done and the cameras recording the experiment were double-checked to ensure the entire transformation could be reviewed at a later date. Wires had been fitted to monitor his vital signs and after a few checks he was deemed as ready as he could be. The room fell silence as Earl took a deep breath and then spoke the activation code.

“Titanium Power!”

And with that the generator came to life, and all hell broke loose.


When an army captain had chosen the location for this press conference it was doubtful he had looked into the history of the site. If he had he might have reconsidered. For over a decade the area had been a major part of Project J-Force, the last group to benefit from the alien technology; he had been able to identify the energy source and had been surprised the humans had failed to grasp such a simple technology. The team had been initially charged with uncovering the actions of a terrorist cell, which had in truth been an alien invasion force. J-Force had fought to protect their world before a climatic final battle that had seen them close the aliens’ portal once and for all. The sealed portal had been since covered along with the remains of the base, but the military had not been told that in order to empower the Titanium Morpher, scientists had found a way to tap the portal and use the energy unleashed to drive their Hydrothermal Generator.

The scientist had never really understood the nature of the energy they were trying to manipulate. They had failed to grasp that it was capable of altering the nature of anything it came into contact with. They didn’t realise that it could not be contained without a specially built Faraday Cage.

When the circuits were switched to allow the energy to flow it did so, bypassing safety cut outs and surge protectors to freely flow around the miles of electrical cable that ran through the facility. The power surge flowed into the computers and phone lines, causing no harm to the electronics. However as it passed through one of the computer hard drives it encountered a computer virus designed to log and gather information.

The computer was altered by the power surge and the virus gained a small amount of sentience. Falling back on its initial programming it took control of the computer and started to pull information from the facility’s network. It accessed huge amounted of data and spread throughout the mainframe. In seconds it was manipulating robotic arms and taking on a physical existence. In minutes it had moved onto more complicated machinery.

The inrush of data gave it a great deal of information and a limited understanding of humans. It judged them based on the information it received and compared them to its own programming. It judged them to be inferior and a threat to its continued existence. Operating more on instinct than actual intelligence, it chose to attack.

By now the virus controlled the Cyborg Rangers, the massive Zord-like machines that had been built to assist them and more importantly: the Hydrothermal Generator that powered them.


Something had gone horribly wrong.

When the Titanium Morpher had been activated it had functioned as expected. The panels had opened to reveal both the control mechanism and the charging circuitry. The morpher had flashed as it ran through its first use protocols, charging itself and then activating the latent energy feeds that would ensure it would be self-charging. The template program stored inside the morpher’s control chip was accessed as the device followed the inbuilt pattern to create the personal energy grid around which the uniform formed. The first stages in the transformation completed, the Titanium Morpher switched to the materialisation stage, pulling the suit, which had been compressed within the device, and arsenal of the Titanium Ranger and locking them into place around his body.

It was at that point that things went wrong. A computer virus had been mutated by the unstable energy used to power the complex. It seconds it had taken control of the electrical charge, the controls working the doors and even the elevators. Everything that could be operated by a computer had been overridden; only the Titanium Morpher had escaped infection due to being a closed system.

Within seconds of the Titanium Morpher activating, the generator was adjusted to increase the current, sending a potentially lethal current into Earl’s body. There was a loud scream as nearby equipment exploded from the electromagnetic pulse. Lightning flashed out of control from the morpher, striking the robotic Rangers.

Earl cried out in agony as he was electrocuted. His half-formed suit provided him with some protection, but it was nowhere near enough. His muscles clenched uncontrollably in response to current. And then the morpher detected the fault in its power sequence and closed down, leaving him fully exposed.

In the meantime the robotic Rangers had been damaged, causing them to initiate their damage control protocols, software that had been altered by the virus. The changes caused the robots to see the electrical discharge as an attack and to react accordingly, while removing the protections installed to prevent them firing upon humans. The result was the brutal slaughter of anything in their path.

And as the Cyborg Rangers wreaked havoc and the Titanium Morpher killed its chosen user, the virus spread throughout the facility. It took control of devices that gave it new abilities, allowing it to scan and digitize inorganic matter. With a constant stream of data the computer soon made improvements to the machinery, allowing it to absorb living beings as well.

Somewhere along the line it lost control of the Hydrothermal Generator causing it to enter a dangerous build up of volatile energy. If not handled safely the generator would explode and blow a hole in the planet; such a build up would take months before it reached the critical point.

And so as one of the Cyborg Rangers turned its targeting sensors on one of the soldiers and raised its arm into the firing position, the computer virus spoke for the first time.

“Humans,” it said, its voice emerging from every speaker on every computer within the complex. “This world is mine!”


Hours later

Exactly what had happened after the first shot had been fired was unclear. The guests had been evacuated and the facility had been sealed. However many of the staff had been trapped inside and their fate was unknown.

The VIPs reappeared relatively unharmed, with no recollection of what had happened beyond the shooting and a burst of light. They all remembered the voice telling them that it had taken control of their computer and would soon claim their planet. All of them would be haunted by nightmares of what had happened and the odd feeling that there was something they had forgotten that would prove disastrous.

Somehow the Titanium Morpher had been retrieved by Hammer during the chaos. It had been taken from him by Lightspeed and despite his claims that he was the authorised custodian of the device, they refused to give it back.

Fortunately for Hammer all other broadcasts from the facility had failed when the virus had taken over, so the extent of his failure was not known. That lack of information would likely save his company. It couldn’t stop him worrying about what had happened to his technology?

Because the official record of their failure was unclear, the senior figures involved in the fiasco survived with their careers intact. And the quest to unlock the secrets of Ranger technology continued.

End of Part


Mother Knows Best

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers, they belong to Saban Brands. This is a fan work and no profit is being made from it.

Mother Knows Best

Divatox’s Chamber,
Day Minus Two

Sleep was something that all beings appreciated, whether they were good or unquestionably evil. But it was not the opportunity to rest after a long day of evil deeds that most villains relished while they slept. Rather it was the dreams of glory, conquest and unimaginable rewards that they cherished. Villains like Divatox, who had chosen to have an early night and was indulging herself with dreams about turning Power Rangers into her willing and corrupted servants.


Unfortunately for the pirate her beauty sleep was not as important to some as it was to her. Zonetta Mommadee the First, Queen Mother of the Dianthe Pirate Clan had decided that her daughter’s failings required her unwelcome attention and had decided to discuss the matter in person.

“Divatox, show yourself at once!”

Divatox was a pirate, the leader of the Dianthe Clan and scourge of hundreds of worlds. She had killed millions, forced kings to pay her ransoms filled with gold and made deals with the most fearsome villains known. Yet despite all her achievements and her reputation, when she heard her mother’s voice echoing through her craft, the best she could manage was a feeble: “Yes Mom?”

“Do you know what happened to me last night?” Mommadee asked, sipping a cup of tea produce by slave labour on some unimportant world. “I had to sit with the heads of the other clans, listening to them debate how the Dianthe have become a disgrace to pirates everywhere. Do you realise how it feels to be a laughing stock? The other clans are considering ending their alliance with us to avoid being associated with failure. When we meet with the Grand Monarch we MUST be able to speak for all the clans, or else he’ll replace us.”

And so the lecture began and Divatox was forced to listen as her failings were discussed in painful detail, each new observation leading her mother to repeat everything she had already said.

“And what am I supposed to do?” Divatox asked ten minutes later, after listening to her mother harp on and on about the way she had turned their family name into a joke. “Give me some advice already. You know we’re not in the planet conquering business; we’re pirates!”

“Like you ever listen to me, you ungrateful brat,” the Queen Mother laughed sarcastically. “But since it’s clear you can’t think of anything by yourself I’ll tell you exactly what you have to do: get rid of those pesky Power Rangers and start gathering every item of value from that pathetic world. Do you know how much a Zeo Crystal would be worth to an up and coming monarch or how many worlds he could conquer with a few of those Zords? I suggest you start thinking like you are the Queen of the Pirates instead of a mere captain.”

“Yeah, yeah, easier said than done,” Divatox replied. “You know how difficult Rangers can be. That’s why we stay away from them.”

That was true, the Dianthe usually attacked unprotected worlds and made its profit from illicit activities. Occasionally they would have a run in with the odd Masked Rider or an Enforcer, but as a rule they stayed away from Ranger protected worlds.

“Well you didn’t seem to worry about that when you decided to attack the Earth now did you?”

“Oh please mother, you know I had to come here to marry Maligore…”

“…And look how that turned out! All those mercenaries you claim you’ve been sending after the little brats were some of the Dianthe’s best workers. You’ve been sending our own servants to their doom!”

“It wasn’t my fault, those Rangers ruined my plan and I had to stay and get revenge,” Divatox whined. “It’s not easy to defeat them. We plan and send down a monster to beat the little twerps and somehow they defeat it!”

There was silence as Divatox and her mother tried to find the answer to a question they didn’t realise needed answering. It was a problem they shared with other villains. Yet somehow despite the greatest minds evil had to offer, nobody was able to find a way to destroy the Power Rangers.

“Well you had better hurry up and get revenge my girl, or I’ll send someone to replace you. And you know what happens to those who get replaced, don’t you?”

A shiver passed through Divatox. Although she was the Queen of the Dianthe, it was a position that could be taken from her. No matter how fearsome a pirate was, the leadership had always been as much a vote among the clan members as it had a show of strength and cunning. Those who lost a vote of no confidence lost their rank and were often placed in positions where they would never again rise to be a threat to the new leader. Only a few knew what Divatox had done to her uncle when she had replaced him, but knowing there were some just as ruthless waiting to take her place made her tremble.

“A little more help?” Divatox asked sarcastically.

“Oh very well,” her mother agreed. “Since you seem incapable of thinking for yourself, I will tell you what to do. Get that scientist of yours to hurry up with that project you were so smug about.”

“That’s it?” Divatox asked incredulously. She had expected something a lot more complex than telling Porto to stop sleeping on the job. “I ask for your help and all you can do is tell me to give Porto orders.”

“I told you before Divatox, you’re supposed to be the Queen of the Dianthe. Act like it! Before I decide to give your brother a chance to lead. Or maybe you could try proving that you did at least inherit something from me and use magic.”

Divatox scowled. Her mother loved to point out her failings and unfortunately magic was one of them. Divatox preferred to rely on technology rather than the family’s tradition of witchcraft. Still, if her mother thought it was a good idea, she would go along with it just to stop her nagging.

“Fine, I’ll tell Porto to get a move on and when he’s done, I’ll show those Rangers a piece of magic they’ll be talking about for centuries.”

“You had better,” her mother warned. “And while your at it, maybe you should start looking for a new husband. Your reputation hasn’t been the same since Maligore met his end.”

Divatox snorted. A very unladylike sound. “And just where am I supposed to find a new husband of Maligore’s quality?” she asked.

Her mother laughed. The role of Queen Mother was an honorary role with very little power. Zonetta was luckier than some in that her daughter’s preoccupation with Earth allowed her the opportunity to command the majority of the clan. But like most of the ruling mothers – those who had been clever enough not to be killed by their children’s assassination attempts, she strived to further the Dianthe’s power through marriage.

Zonetta was also ambitious, aiming beyond the normal inter-clan weddings, preferring instead to ally her family with the darker powers. Maligore had been one such arrangement, but that had fallen through. Recent events in another part of the galaxy had given her a new option for her daughter.

“Closer than you think my daughter. And if you ask nicely he might just take care of the rest of those Power Punks and that pesky Zordon too. Have you ever heard of Ivan Ooze?”

Divatox was actually stunned into silence as her mother ended the communication. It lasted for almost half a minute before her mother reappeared.

“Never say I don’t give you anything, Divatox,” she smiled. “I know how ‘difficult’ you might find dealing with those pipsqueaks, so I’ve arranged to send you a little help. They will arrive soon,” she promised, “be sure to make them feel welcome.”

“Who?” Divatox demanded.

“You’ll see,” her mother smirked, enjoying the look of irritation on her daughter’s face. “I promise you, you will be just as surprised by this as those teenagers you want to destroy.”

Divatox pouted, but knew better than to argue with her mother, just as Mommadee knew that criticising her daughter’s childish behaviour would not accomplish anything. It was better to wait and see what the Queen Mother had in mind. But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t take her annoyance out on a suitable target.



Night turned to day although for Porto it had been a night where sleep would have meant awakening to the night image of an angry Divatox.

“Divatox I have carried out your instructions as best I could, but I’m afraid I…”

“Porto,” Divatox growled, “if you are about to tell me you failed, I’ll have you fired out of the torpedo tube and into the Sun.”

“Well not failed exactly,” Porto whimpered. “It’s just that all the features you demanded made the task almost impossible.”

“Get to the point Porto,” Divatox ordered. “I ordered you to build me a Turbo Key so I can have my own Dark Turbo Ranger. Have you done it?”

“No Divatox,” Porto admitted before pulling out three devices. “The only way to include everything you wanted was to build three Turbo Keys that your Ranger can switch between.”


“Yes Divatox, each one is programmed to give your Ranger their standard armour and then focus on one of the abilities you desired.”

“So instead of building one morpher, you built three? And all three work?”

“Of course they work. Your Ranger can use them in any order but will need to power down before using the next one. They won’t work well together I’m afraid.”

“Are you trying to tell me that the reason this has taken so long is because instead of building me one functional morpher, you were making three?”

“Yes!” he practically shouted. How many times did he need to repeat himself?

Divatox sighed dramatically.

“Porto, you’re an idiot,” she said finally. “Rygog, find me five humans that would be suitable Dark Turbo Rangers.”

“I only made three,” Porto protested.

“Then make two more!” she ordered. “There should always be five Rangers.”

“Yes Divatox, but maybe you should think this through. Evil Rangers are notorious for changing sides. Do you really want to risk having to tell the Grand Monarch that you’ve given the Rangers five new allies?”

“Maybe you have a point,” she groused. “Fine, we’ll try it your way Porto. Find me five humans I can use. They can share the role between them.”

That was not the answer he had been hoping for.


“Rygog is busy finding a suitable Ranger,” Porto explained. “In the meantime I would like to introduce you to Goyle, one of the most powerful warriors in the Galaxy.”

“I’m the most powerful warrior in the Universe,” the warrior assured her. “I’ll eat those power squeaks for breakfast!”

“I’ll believe that when I see it,” Divatox responded rudely before shrugging. “Very well, go to Earth and don’t come back until those Turbo Rangers are dust.”

“Turbo Rangers? I’ll crush them all” Goyle laughed before teleporting away.

“I’m afraid that since Goyle is not a part of your clan, he charges ten times the normal fee,” Porto warned.

“His loss,” Divatox snorted. “Have Elgar launch the torpedoes as soon as Goyle destroys them. Then we won’t have to pay him anything. And if he fails we’ll just send out my new Dark Turbo Ranger.”

Goyle, a new marriage with Ivan Ooze, a team of wicked Rangers and whatever help her mother had promised just in case… The battle to conquer Earth had turned into a race that Divatox needed to win. She felt confident that victory would be hers.

Maybe mother did know best… sometimes.

“Hey Porto, what happens if you launch those torpedoes at a monster that is already big?” Elgar asked.

“If he was already weakened you would destroy him, otherwise you would make him even stronger,” Porto answered after some thought.

“So if we fire them now he’d be invincible?” the mutant pondered.

Divatox smacked her nephew around the back of the head. She was not in the mood for his idiocy, especially when she realised moments later that he had a point.

“Fire the torpedoes!” She smiled evilly as she decided on another change of plan. Perhaps instead of wasting an opportunity against the Rangers she could eliminate some of the competition. “And then send him to Horath. Maybe he can prove his worth by getting rid of the bucket of bolts Gasket.”

End of Part


Questions Never Asked, Answers Never Sought

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers, Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, or any DC or Marvel Comics characters. They belong to their respective copyright owners. This is a fanfiction and no money is being made for this work.

Questions Never Asked, Answers Never Sought

Imagine an army of generals with no soldiers to command. Now add to that an opposing army made up of millions of soldiers willing to die as part of their war on anything they encountered. This was the problem that had presented itself and while all agreed that front line troops willing and able to destroy the enemy were more important than a room full of generals, only a few were willing to accept placement on the frontlines in the coming conflict.

And so a plan had been devised to breed an army created from the greatest warriors they could find. They ignored the obvious races that were born, bred and lived for combat, fearing that they would turn on their leaders the moment they lacked an enemy. Instead they turned their attention to the insignificant planet known as Earth, a world that had seen off countless invasions and was currently facing the combined threat of space pirates, diabolical machines and a wicked witch, if the reports were to be believed.

On closer observation it had become obvious that Earth had a vast and varied army of what they called super heroes that would make excellent soldiers and more importantly, would provide the blueprint for an army of soldiers to fight the coming war. The rights of the individual were discarded under the pretence of necessity. For what were the rights of a few humans compared with the fate of the universe at large?

The collection process had then started and over the many years it had been running, they had extracted whole groups of super-powered humans. A whole breed of what most would have considered mutants had been stolen from their homes while their families slept, the knowledge they had ever existed erased from the minds of those that had known them. But that group had proven unsuitable, their genetic makeup too unpredictable for the cloning process. Other subjects had been sought and had proven more successful, such as a super hero family that could call forth the power of gods.

Fortunately their superior technology allowed them to collect candidates from almost any point in history with the minimum of side effects. The erasure of the memories of those that had known the ‘disappeared’ helped to keep their activities a secret. In some cases they had been forced to allow the knowledge of those they had taken to exist but in a different form, such as the great detective whose cases were known throughout England, and had been turned into the creation of a drunken Irishman.

Eventually though all the avenues had been explored and the soldiers they desired had not been found. Many had come close, but they were looking to build an army with as little effort as possible on their parts. They needed their soldiers to be strong, powerful and easily controlled. Sadly the strongest they had encountered had not been easy to indoctrinate and those with the most power also seemed to be the most stubborn. They had manipulated governments, using greed to convince them to start a super powered arms race. The Task Force Operation had been a partial a success with each generation providing a greater insight into the way to build their army, but it still wasn’t what they desired. In the end it had become clear to the true masterminds behind the Corps Project and the Taskforce Operation that their only choice was to use Power Rangers.


Arcadia Academy Research Division

Arcadia Academy was a not a building or a campus, it was a research organisation with several facilities around the world. While some developed technology, this branch was one of three dealing with biological weapons operating as part of the government’s Super Weapon Development Program. Their long held remit allowed them to seize, identify and utilise any material of an alien nature. The terms of what qualified material as alien were extremely broad and included technology and living matter. The remit also allowed those in charge of their operations to classify almost anything as alien, placing it under the jurisdiction of their operatives. Aliens, demons, mutants or super heroes, anything that was considered the slightest bit unusual could also be considered as alien. Over time such projects along with similar organisations in the United Kingdom, France, Russia and other parts of the world had become quasi-autonomous organisations only partly answerable to the governments they represented.

The military liked to think they were the driving force behind the Corps Project and Taskforce Operations. The truth was that those organisations had been infiltrated by aliens that sought to use their research as a means to build an army. For centuries in some cases they had manipulated those that sought to control the aliens around them into conducting research on their behalf. Their aims were not malevolent towards humans, far from it they really didn’t care about the Earth or its people, but they wanted weapons capable of fighting in an upcoming war. And to that end they had influenced the kidnap, testing and indoctrination of thousands of living beings. Over time their manipulation had spread to the entire human race, using a form of memory proofing to make people forget those that were chosen as test subjects.

The acquisition of their latest subjects had been very difficult to justify. There had been no doubt that the three humans were ordinary humans, but their use of alien technology allowed the organisation’s chief to justify their capture. Not that they would ever call it a capture. That would lead to too many questions over the legality of their treatment. Once in protective custody it was decided that they should be used to test the suitability of Power Rangers as soldiers. It was the first time that after erasing the memories of those that had known them that they had checked back repeatedly to make sure the memory wipe was still in place. It was becoming increasingly obvious that it would soon fail.

“This test has concluded. The subjects have been connected to the system and their minds have been fully mapped. They appear to have accepted the integration sequence without any negative effects. In fact it appears they were unaware of their lack of surroundings until after they defeated their enemies.”

Due to the emphasis that had been placed on their success, the researchers had an almost unlimited budget, allowing them access to the most advanced research equipment available. For just as schools had moved beyond the need to dissect animals in science classes, so the researchers had chosen to use virtual environments to test their subjects to avoid unnecessary suffering. With their bodies placed in suspended animation, the researcher used artificial bodies and computer generated illusions to test their responses.

The three humans tested were known to possess super powers and had been led to believe they were facing opponents that were both highly aggressive and extremely dangerous. Their subjects had used their powers and the scientists had taken the opportunity to discover their inner workings.

“And the analysis of their powers?” his supervisor asked.

“Still inconclusive,” he answered. “They are not magical, which means we can ‘legally’ use them. Unfortunately they defy our attempts to understand them.”

Their remit for some reason prohibited the development of an army based around magic. The Turbo Ranger powers were scientific enough to escape that classification although the phenomenon known as the Speed Force was still not fully understood.

The first subjects they had collected had been easy to understand. The heroes known as Cyborg and Vision were the creations of science. They had been extracted at a time when many had been reported missing following the events of Minion’s desperate assault on reality. Their allies had likely overlooked their failure to resurface when reality had been restored. In truth they had been taken away for research purposes and the results had been forwarded to another project. Vision had been completely disassembled and then rebuilt, allowing a new understanding of how he worked and the creation of similar machines. Sadly those machines had not lived up to the potential of the original. Cyborg had been heavily modified and upgraded to become the prototype for their Techno Trooper design. The upgrades had failed and they had been forced to remove them, but Cyborg had at least proven useful as combat computer.

“Find a way. Time is running out and we need all the warriors we can get. Those powers might be the answer to our problems. And those three humans are the first successful transference we’ve made.”

Time was indeed running out. A war was about to be fought and soldiers were needed. Oh there were plenty of generals and tactical leaders, but this was a battle that needed troops on the front line, willing to die without question for the glory of their leaders. And that was something that did not exist within the race of generals and officers. They were bred to lead and command, and sit back waiting for news of victory. It fell to others to do the fighting.

They had experimented using all manner of heroes taken from Earth. They had extracted candidates at just the right moment and hidden their existence from the memories of those that knew them. They had collected several survivors of the planet Krypton who had been living on Earth. That had represented their biggest failure since not only had they proven reluctant to fight, it seemed that with the correct weapons they could be rendered completely helpless.

As the threat of war had grown, they had extracted more and more heroes for experimentation. A whole breed of empowered humans had been stolen away without anybody noticing only to discover that their powers were too random to form a cohesive army. And that had led them to try other heroes, those the Power Rangers had fought alongside – for they had resisted the temptation to snatch a Ranger team, fearing that to do so would unleash a force they could not fully control. They had settled for the disbanded members of the JLA and Avengers, and several other groups. And in each instance they had altered the memories of those that had known them so they never existed.

~Didn’t they ever ask themselves why the heroes they had fought alongside suddenly stopped appearing in the news?~ he wondered. ~Didn’t the citizens these heroes protected never stop to consider why their cities were suddenly overrun with criminals?~

“The age of the specimens was a major factor, I’m sure. Of those we’ve tested the age of the subject seems to determine how quickly they start to question their environment. Of course this was the first time we subjected new arrivals to danger as soon as they awakened.”

“It could well be a part of the human survival instinct,” his supervisor agreed. “What about their origin point? Have their companions noticed their disappearance yet?”

A woman with tightly woven brown hair looked up from the console she was monitoring.

“Not exactly,” she reported. “It would seem that our attempt to remove them was not completely successful. A part of them was left behind and seems to be continuing their fight against what they consider the forces of evil. Their existence is tightly woven into the timeline…”

“A timeline we altered,” somebody added.

“…that reality is resisting our attempts to remove them.”

Indeed it appeared that even as he spoke the three Turbo Rangers they were testing were back on Earth once again fighting the forces of darkness. Could it be that something about the powers they had been unable to analyse was also preventing them from fully transporting their test subjects.

“Monitor the situation and speed up the testing. These humans could be the answer we’re seeking, but we can’t risk damaging the timeline; we need a stable history on which to base our predictions. Put them back as soon as you can. We will have to make do with the mind maps to answer any further questions.”

There was a war coming, a war that would be fought beyond the heavens in a way that most would be unable to imagine. And already it appeared that in the face of the coming confrontation, that the morality and neutrality of a race that presented itself as the oldest, wisest and most peaceful in existence, had been sacrificed. There was always an unknown factor, a being that would place what was right above the well being of a single race. To many he was considered a liability in the coming conflict because he would not allow them to do everything necessary to secure victory.

The supervisor turned away, his eyes roaming over the hundreds of stasis capsules they had secured within the facility. This was where the humans were tested, their minds fed into an artificial world created by technology and closely controlled to resemble the real world as closely as possible. This was not a game or a bubble universe. This was a total immersion into an artificial landscape where they could test their subjects repeatedly in as many scenarios as possible. While injury was certainly a possibility, so far they had avoided killing any of their experiments.

There was a question of how such simulations would transfer over to the real world. Even if the indoctrination process succeeded would it last when the mind was in a fully coherent state? Only time would tell, but as he watched an army of Captain Americas charge into battle, he felt strangely optimistic. This was not a war they could afford to lose. Despite those that felt it should be fought to prove their dominance over all others, the truth was that if their enemies triumphed they would not stop until all their enemies had been crushed, which for that particular race, all enemies meant every other living creature.

As he walked out he caught sight of a news broadcast. It seemed that the Power Rangers were indeed at full force. He made a note to return their subjects to a point where they would be able to take part in such a battle. After all it wouldn’t do to have them present in two places at once. That would cause all kinds of problems and the Universe was in enough trouble already.

End of Part


King of Fighters Part 1

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Author Notes: The reference to the San Francisco Earthquake comes from the records that clearly state there was no earthquake. Although this is now regarded as a city wide insurance fraud (mot claimants stated their buildings were damaged by fire from a neighbouring building. In some cases neighbouring shops set fire to each other at the same time).
Additional Note: The beginning of this chapter is from the story ‘Close Encounters of the NEGAtive Kind’. As the story progresses there will be some differences from this beginning and the rest of the story. Hopefully these differences will be explained to the reader’s satisfaction. This story is considered AU within the Conquest of Evil Multiverse and should be considered to tie directly into the Alternaverse.

Prelude to Minion’s Legacy Part 3 – Crossroads of Evil
COE: King of Fighters ’96
Special Guest Writer: John Chubb with contributions from Adam Safaran and Adam Pearlman (The Q Team)

Torture Cell A, Minion’s Island. The Past

It has been said that history can be a subjective thing. But there have been other times where history can be altered, subverted, and twisted in ways that are hard to comprehend, or imagine.

And yet, there are moments in history that while seemingly different play out like they were intended to…despite any alterations to time or reality.

Three days had passed and Minion decided it was time to see how his guests were coping. He ignored the VR Troopers and the Beetleborgs, the strange warrior known as Servo and a group of teenage hackers who had been dragged into things for some reason; the various super heroes that constituted what remained of the JLA, the Avengers and of course Spider-Man. He overlooked the injured Jesse, knowing that even if he could transform, the Masked Rider’s powers had been damaged. Dex on the other hand would still provide some entertainment. First though he had his old adversaries, the Gem Coin Rangers, to pay his respects to.

This was Minion’s favourite part of the Prison Dimension. He had altered the flow of time in the dimension so a few hours would seem like weeks to the Rangers trapped inside. All six of the Rangers he was holding in his prison were undergoing various forms of torture.

First off was Tanya. Minion had trapped her at the bottom of a long tube. Then he had sealed the sides, top and bottom of the tube so she only had a limited air supply. Then he had started to pump in a drop of water every thirty seconds. It was a slow torture. Tanya knew she could not escape and that eventually she would drown, but not before the dripping water drove her insane.

Next in line was Trey. Minion had decided to place the Lord of Triforia on a version of the rack and was gradually stretching the Gold Ranger until he was torn in half by the rack. Minion had but found the idea too unimaginative. Therefore, he had added his own subtle changes.

The rack had been modified so Trey was now seated with his hands tied to a series of pulleys. His legs and ankles were strapped to a set of bicycle pedals. The idea was that a small motor operated ropes attached to his arms would tighten the ropes and stretch the Lord of Triforia unless he pedalled fast enough to counter the effect. Minion had made an additional change. The system was now racheted so that if Trey stopped pedalling, he would be stretched, but even if he then started to pedal as fast as he could the ropes would not loosen.

It was the ultimate no-win situation. Sooner or later the Triforian would tire and when he did he would be stretched.

Adam had been strapped into a chair. On his forehead a metal device had been fastened. As Minion pressed a button, the device sent a signal to the muscles in Adam’s leg, causing it to twitch. The sensation was not painful, but after a few hours of constant twitching Adam would be driven insane. Minion had seen the evidence of what constant exposure to the device would accomplish. Even the most iron willed prisoner would crack under the strain.

The device had been created years ago for use by bounty hunters wishing to interrogate captives to find their prey. Minion had been lucky to find a working model in Zedd’s castle. Obviously Zedd had had dealings with either the Varox or the Bounty Hunters’ Guild. He was not sure which but knowing Zedd, he was willing to bet the Bounty Hunter had not been paid for his work, or lived to tell about it.

Minion had modified the next cell especially for Kat using the technology he had gained from elsewhere. The room was set to play out random dangers at random intervals, stimulating her pain receptors without the physical injury. Minion had no intention of damaging Kat’s body. He wanted Kat to be his personal slave and if she survived, he would enjoy breaking her further.

Minion planned to leave her a few more hours and then offer her a chance to end her pain. He doubted she would take him up on the offer first try, but faced with a life of pain or a life as his slave he suspected she could be persuaded to choose the latter.

Tommy’s torture was simple but effective. He had been tied with his hands above his head and had a WD-Unit punching him at regular intervals. Each blow cracked his ribs causing him to scream in agony. But Minion had programmed the machine to allow enough time between blows for the youth’s healing to take effect. For the robot it meant a few seconds of action followed by long periods of waiting. For Tommy it meant constant and nearly unbearable pain.

Travis’ torture was perhaps the cruellest. He had been secured so he had a view of all his friends being tortured. Minion had injected him with a drug to paralyse his body and bound his limbs just in case. Travis could see and hear everything, but could not move any part of his body to help or even turn away or shut his eyes. Tears ran down his face from having to watch his friends being tortured, knowing he was free to intervene but unable to help them. He continued to sob, broken at the sight of his friends suffering knowing he had failed them.

“What’s the matter Travis, can’t you stand to see your friends suffer?” Minion asked softly. “You know, you could save them. Just swear total and undying allegiance to the forces of darkness and I’ll let them go.”

“Go to hell!” Travis spat. Struggling to speak due to the effects of the drugs.

Minion did not reply. He simply turned and nodded to the WD-Unit in front of Tommy. The machine understood the unspoken command and punched Tommy in the face, cracking his skull.

“You had better not say things like that Travis,” Minion hissed. “Or I’ll instruct the WD-Unit to crush his skull. I’ll leave you to consider our offer,” Minion told the distraught Ranger. “See you soon.”

Minion walked over to where Tommy was hanging. Using some of the many fighting techniques at his disposal, he kicked Zeo Falcon several times in the chest and stomach, smiling in satisfaction as he heard the Ranger’s ribs crack. When he finished, he cut the bonds holding Tommy’s arms, then continued to kick and punch the fallen Ranger. He lifted Tommy to his feet and delivered a sharp kick to the Ranger’s neck.

“Wait six hours and then resume,” he said to the WD Unit as he teleported away.

Six hours was nowhere near enough time for Tommy to heal, but that was the idea. Minion promised himself he would return to beat Tommy a bit more when the other boy was awoke.

Minion enjoyed having so many prisoners because it gave him the opportunity to try as many forms of torture as possible before they died. They were his playthings and when they ceased to amuse him, he would toss them aside and move on to the next victim. This time he had not been creative, just brutal in his plans. He had placed the surviving members of the JLA and the Teen Titans together in the arena, surrounded by WD Units. If they defeated their opponents, he would let them go. He had no intention of allowing them to win.

He had deliberately made the stadium larger this time and provided the heroes with some cover. He mentally ran through those present and was satisfied they would be lucky to survive let alone triumph. The Flash had already proven how far Minion was willing to go; the human Masked Rider had proven that he could be merciful. What he had done to the Martian Man Hunter had shown them his vicious side, while slicing off John Stewart’s fingers had shown his intelligence.

So who was left? Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl of the JLA – for there was no way the Green Lantern could defend himself at that moment – and Robin, Starfire, Changling, Raven and Cyborg for the Teen Titans. Some of them he had allowed to remain conscious, others he had deliberately incapacitated to prevent them from using their powers. In the end he decided that Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl and Cyborg would suffice. If this worked well, he would be sure to try it again with the Avengers.

Wonder Woman looked on as the WD Units surrounded them. She already knew that they could not trust Minion to keep his word. If he wanted them dead, they would die, and if he chose to spare them it would only be exchanging death for more torment. And the villain had already taken so much.

Themyscira was gone, the civilised world of the Amazons lost forever all due to Minion’s. She remembered how his robotic army had fought their way through the island’s inhabitants. And now Diana, last surviving daughter of her race found herself pitted in one of the villain’s twisted games. She promised herself that she would not be another victim of his evil; she would not go easily, and like Wally she vowed to fight him.

Hawk Girl was angry and more than a little confused. She had once believed that she had known what evil was, her people having abandoned a dark entity long ago. But it seemed that Minion had shown her a new kind of evil, the type that from Batman and Robin’s reactions, was uncommon but not unheard of on Earth. She held her mace at the ready, vowing that the first machine to cross her path would be scrap metal. Next to her she sensed Cyborg tense. The battle was about to begin.

When the robots attacked, the three heroes went on the offensive. Hawk Girl’s energised mace smashed into the chest panel of one WD Unit as Wonder Woman used her lasso to throw one of the WD Units into its neighbouring machines. Cyborg unleashed blast after blast from his sonic cannon, using his vice like grip to wrench arms from torsos.

Minion had to admit they were an impressive combination. Wonder Woman’s strength combined with Hawk Girl’s anger and Cyborg’s strong will, which Minion had to admit was exceptional for him to have survived all the hardships he had endured, allowed them to take down a good portion of his forces before the overwhelming numbers started to catch up with them. He was amazed when he saw Cyborg rip the bladed weapon from one unit and use it to slice the head off another. He had been hoping that what he had done to the Flash would have weakened their resolve, but if anything they fought harder.

“Open fire!” he commanded.

Validium bullets sprayed from the units’ hands, causing Hawk Girl to cease her current tactic of lifting opponents from the ground and dropping them from higher up, and duck for cover. Cyborg and Wonder Woman worked together, she deflecting the bullets with her bracelets while he returned fire. When a WD Unit went down, it stayed down; Minion wanted to see how close they would come to victory before springing his surprise.

Batman watched the battle from his cell. There was little in his utility belt that could help them although the first aid kit had allowed them to wrap the cauterised stubs that were John’s arms. The Green Lantern was still in a bad state, Flash was comatose.

In the next cell Robin had given up trying to break free from the cell and had instead turned his attention to other opportunities to escape. Starfire was in a state of shock, whatever Minion had done to her when he had insisted on separating the aliens from the rest of the JLA and Teen Titans, she had been almost catatonic when she had returned. Exactly what they had done to the J’Onn was unclear, but while he was alive, he was definitely not conscious; Raven had not been seen since she had been taken.

“Look,” Changeling called, transforming back to his normal appearance for the first time since they had seen what had happened to the Flash. The brutality and callous nature of the attack had hit all of them, but Changling had lost somebody whom he viewed as a big brother.

“Look out, they’re changing,” Batman said as he watched the broken WD Units pool together into a new larger warrior.

“Oh no,” Robin said, eyes widening as he saw the thin tubes appear from the Centaurian’s body.

The WD Units fell back behind the larger robot and the three heroes were getting more and more nervous.

“Fire!” Minion ordered.

The many tubes unleashed a volley on miniature projectiles at its opponents, shredding anything in their path. Diana tried to block them but even her swift reactions could not avoid every projectile. As soon as the first bullet pierced her skin, the small point allowing it to easily break her skin, she started to slow. More projectiles were fired, most missing but some actually managed to strike their target. Eventually the blood loss was too much and she fell.

Cyborg had not been so lucky. His metallic parts were shredded by the tougher metal and it was only through chance that his human organs were not damaged. He continued to fire bravely, daring the machine to attack again and again.

Hawk Girl Had been hit, her wings damaged and her flight terminated. She had managed to land a single blow, which was more than her companions had accomplished. Still, like Wonder Woman and Cyborg she was beaten and as the massive metal fist made contact with her skull, it seemed the fight was no longer her problem.

“Cease!” Minion called. He didn’t want the Centaurian to kill them, the pain didn’t fade as much when he just killed them. He needed to break them first, all of them.

He walked into the arena area and made a point of examining the bodies. Hawk Girl would survive although like the Green Lantern and Masked Rider, recovery would prove difficult. Cyborg on the other hand would be lucky if he ever recovered from his injuries. Minion considered using Validium to repair the damage, knowing that in doing so he would have control over Cyborg. Oh the damage he could cause. Finally he came to Wonder Woman. The pile of bullets surrounding her spoke of how hard she had fought to survive. A quick scan of her aura revealed that she was alive. The pool of blood surrounding her raised questions about how long she would take to recover.

Then there was something, a flash of sensation of the very edge of his consciousness, a warning that one of the security spells he had placed had been disturbed. It took a moment for him to zero in on the distrurbance, a task made more difficult because the surrounding spells had not triggered. It was a curious impossibility that he resolved to investigate personally.

“We’ll this continue later.” Minion promised before heading toward his private chambers.


It was a disturbing thought that he was being played with, but Minion was certain that was the case. Whatever had disturbed his warding spells had waited until an instant before the door was fully opened and then vanished. The only clue had been a wheezing and grinding noise that almost sounded like an engine. He was surprised to find his chambers intact, the guards he had left there had not even been aware of the intruder. And it seemed that his visitor had left something behind.

His gaze fell on the package that now occupied a section of his desk. He moved forward to investigate, noting as he did so that somebody had been reading through his papers. ~No,~ he corrected himself as his eyes fell on the untidy scrawl, ~somebody has been marking them.~

Before he could touch it, the box opened, revealing its contents. The first thing he noticed was the strange medallion. It appeared to be of oriental origin, but his keen senses told him that the metal was not common to Earth. With that in mind he started to discount many of those he suspected were behind the intrusion. He was starting to suspect that instead of someone trying to save the prisoners, this was a fellow villain’s poor attempt at a joke, perhaps to draw his attention. His eye fell upon the second item, a note in the same style as the attempted grading of his calculations. He wondered why somebody had gone to such lengths just to deliver a letter.

Attention Minion.
You are cordially invited to attend a special tournament at my behest. A tournament unlike any other.
Which would involve a journey unlike any other.
Your presence is requested at the San Francisco Cow Palace to attend the King of Fighters tournament in the year 1996.
You will be treated to sights beyond understanding.
Heroes unlike any other,
and the rivals they face in the name of personal glory.

Minion just smirked at the letter before him, amused by what he was reading. What interest could this tournament have for one such as him? Out of that amusement he continued reading, and was interested by what he had read.

There will be old familiar faces as well. Warriors of the power. Ranging their skills in battle.

His mind picked up on the not-so-subtle references hidden within what the writer believed to be clever word play. ‘Warriors of the power? Ranging their skills in battle?’ It was clear the writer wished him to make the connection to the Power Rangers. The question though was whether the intention was for him to dismiss the possibility and attend to find out why they had made such a poor attempt to deceive him or conclude that the note was truthful and attend to find out how it was possible? It was with great reluctance that he realised either way the note had achieved its underlying objective and captured his attention. He continued to read.

A means of transportation is available for you to attend this tournament.
Co-ordinates of its location are written below. As is a key for entry.
It is my hope you attend this tournament as it could change your perspective.
J.J.Chambers, Doctor of Law.
Proprietor, The Fun Factory. City of San Francisco.

He had to admit that the writer was clever. He had been drawn in by what had at first been amusement, but had rapidly turned to curiosity. And now it seemed that despite all the mental discipline he tried to maintain and the logic he employed, he would be forced to take the bait and find out what this was all about.

He studied the box more carefully. Until now he had been distracted by the contents and had overlooked the container. The construction was clearly alien; he knew the wood came from a planet that Rita Repulsa used when crafting her wands. That in turn implied that despite the very boring and human sounding name of ‘J.J. Chambers’, the send was either an alien or had access to alien materials. And that led him to consider the location of the tournament. What was so special about San Francisco and why would this ‘J.J. Chambers be based there?

He looked at the contents once more and studied the medallion in detail. ~Chinese if my guess is correct,~ he thought as he studied what he now believed to be the ‘key’ the letter had mentioned. A quick glance at the letter confirmed the co-ordinates where his transport was waiting. It was only then that he wondered why he would need transportation when he was capable of teleporting and he realised that the letter was suggesting that this journey would require a little bit of time travel.

Using the computers at his disposal, Minion rapidly zeroed in on the location. From the outside it appeared perfectly normal, but a closer check revealed that all was not as it first appeared. In fact beneath the deceptively normal looking building, he had found evidence that it was government owned. The evidence had been carefully hidden, but there were always a few small clues, especially since this was not a part of the United Kingdom’s forces. The funding came from an offshore account and relied on several transfers but by tracing the money he found that the originally purchaser had been a front company. And by shifting his way through the elaborate attempts to deceive him about which government the front company belonged to, he eventually found the name UNIT.

From that point it had been a matter of hacking his way into the primitive network and locating the information he needed. His goal was to find out what was so special about that building, so he completely ignored the long and very interesting history that the site revealed.

~The Black Archives,~ he thought as his eyes scanned the filed. ~A repository of extraterrestrial artefacts that were either recovered, salvaged or confiscated from areas outside of the British Empire.~

His eyes widened as he read that last part, but he dismissed it. He didn’t have time to consider the political intrigue at that moment.

~Why would my transport be left in the hands of the enemy?~ he wondered.

Several scenarios presented themselves including the possibility the his mysterious contact wished him to retrieve the property on his behalf, but decided it was just as likely that he thought that any guards would not pose a problem for one such as Minion.

Then he checked the co-ordinates again and noticed that the numbers were changing very slightly and a time had been included, which seemed to alter with each passing second.

~Ah,~ he realised as he checked the co-ordinates on the map. ~He doesn’t want me to enter the valuts, just the grounds surrounding them where this transport is being moved.~

A noise caught his attention and Minion twisted in time to see that a set of photographs had appeared.


~Somebody is playing games with me,~ he concluded. ~When I find him he had better have a good reason or else he will pay.~

At first glance the ‘transport’ reminded Minion of a Chinese Funeral Box with an obvious section that had been removed right in the centre. ~Perhaps that is where the key should go,~ he pondered.

Another glance at the co-ordinates showed that the box was moving at speed. It was now about fifty miles from its original location. He also noticed that the time had changed and by his estimates was a few minutes into the future..

~An ambush then,~ he concluded.

He was being given the time and place where he could obtain his transport, but it required him to believe that the writer knew where the transport would be at any time. That required Minion to believe that J.J.Chambers had some means of time travel or future sight. Not an impossible idea, but it made him all the more cautious. Still there was little risk when he had others to carry out the task on his behalf.

“Silvo!” Minion called.

The powerful warrior appeared and Minion gave him his instructions.

“Take some of the spare WD Units to these co-ordinates. Intercept the convoy and retrieve its cargo. Then return here.” As he spoke, Minion handed Silvo the pictures of his objective.

Silvo nodded in affirmative to his master’s commands and withdrew to gather the forces he needed. In a very short time the small force teleported to a road in England, where Minion’s ride to the King of Fighters Tournament of 1996 was waiting.


Time and reality are funny things. For the most part time travels in a single direction. A second passes into minutes, then hours, days and eventually centuries pass by. But where as time marches onwards, the events that take place are far more fluid. Every action leads to a reaction, every effect requires a cause. That need for the universe to make sense meant that while the order of events usually followed a set sequence, that order wasn’t always chronologically correct. For the most part reality shifts and changes, adapting to the new events and circumstances as they happen. It was that sort of relationship that would allow a person glimpsing the future or the Zeo Rangers to see and elderly Tommy and Katherine together one moment and Tommy as an Archaeologist the next. But sometimes an event took place that was so devastating that reality could not cope.

Such an event had happened, would happen, was taking place at that moment. The splashing currents of time shifted and fractured. Existence sought and answer and could not find one. For a moment every reality became the Prime Reality as they met with oblivion. And then the moment passed, but the fallout of such events echoed backwards through time, reshaping events and causing the impossible to happen..


People, places, dates, means and reasons shifted and clashed. Reality could not cope with such contradictory changes and so it found a way to resolve the problem. The subconscious will of reality reached out and influenced an individual. He in turn influenced two more impressionable young minds. Curiosity was raised and emotions manipulated. Competition led to disobedience and intervention where things should have been left alone. Suddenly reality was part of something greater, something that had not been there before, but had been manipulated into existence to resolve an otherwise impossible problem.

One had become many. The universe had become a multiverse. Over time many of the fractures would ties themselves together as the differences played out and reached a point of integration. Others though were just too different and would either continue for eternity or reach a dead end and simply cease.

And while some were aware of the multiverse, most remained ignorant. And of those that were aware, there were some that seemed to shift between them without even realising it. Some had even fractured with reality and existed as representations of themselves as opposed to simple alternate incarnations. And a few, a very few of those that fell into the last category, were aware of their nature and used their peers’ lack of perception wholly to their advantage.

In one such reality, there existed a being that was fully aware of the changes that had taken place, completely aware of his own nature and in the unique position of understanding the chain of events that had caused it all to happen. In that place time was more open to manipulation than in others, for this reality was one of several that could eventually surpass its point of origin and emerge as THE Prime Reality. And time had changed, multiple times, through either necessity or the whims of supposed ‘gods’. It was a reflection of a reflection of itself. Skewed and a little strange to those that could sense the changes, yet regardless of the Who, Where, When Why and How, most things remained the same.


One of those constants of the universe was the planet Eltare, headquarters of the Galactic Council: a galctic body where the ‘good’ planets of the universe rallied together to promote freedom. peace and justice for all who sought it, as well as safety and security. The latter parts however were proving difficult to attain due to constant attacks from the United Alliance of Evil. Planets had fallen, people had been taken as slaves and valuable resources that could have gone towards the benefit of many worlds went to the select few under the rule of Dark Specter. Many had taken up the fight against the UAE, be it as Rangers, a part of the Council Military or even as politicians.

One such politician was the Triforian named Sygnus. Sygnus was the appointed Council Representative of Triforia granted power by the planet’s Prime Minister Tirol after the tyrant Terr had been overthrown. Sygnus made it a personal mission of his that no further tyrants like Terr came into being again. Whether from Triforia or from a council world. The actions Sygnus had taken on the Council floor led to Triforia being seen with a newfound authority on par with that of Lord Trey, who was sadly still recovering in a cryotube on Earth. Nevertheless councillors felt Triforia was in good hands until Trey returned, whenever that would be.

In the meantime Sygnus had caught note of two councillors that he felt were ‘not on the up and up’ if he remembered the Earth expression correctly. Sygnus made it a point to know s much about Earth as he could as he figured S’Hera and Darkonda’s plan centered around the planet Zordon of Eltar set up as his base. ~But what was that plan?~ Sygnus asked himself.

He had no answer. Only S’Hera and Darkonda had those answers. As he sat at his desk he wondered about S’Hera and Darkonda’s whereabouts. Typing a series of schedules he wondered where the two ‘councillors’ were at this current moment. He was surprised when the answer came ‘Off Planet’.

Sygnus realized S’Hera and Darkonda were no longer on Eltare.

~Where have they gone?~ Sygnus was left wondering. Wherever it was he knew it couldn’t be good for Earth…. ~Or Trey~ he mentally added.


San Francisco

While it was considered an ‘All American City’, a great deal of magic and mystery contributed to San Francisco’s history. How else could they explain the massive damage the city had sustained at one point that experts had clearly stated was not an earthquake? But in recent times things had gotten stranger; the appearance of the Power Rangers a few years back had acted as a catalyst for the previously contained supernatural behaviour. As the Ley Lines had reacted to the magic being used around them, the energies had resonated outwards, creating the area known by locals as ‘the Freak Zone’.

However despite being within the geographical boundaries of the Freak Zone, San Francisco’s inclusion had been disputed by those that acknowledged such things – mainly nerds – until the Power Rangers had appeared in the city to deal with a Cylon invasion. Their battles with Kali Yagami, a former replica of Trini Kwan who had embraced her newfound identity and accepted the dark power that seemed to reside within the Kwan family line had caused the Rangers to make front page news. After that the other mostly ignored stories of magical happenings within the city had started to emerge, events surrounding three magical sisters who preferred to keep their activities secret to the point where they were considered urban legends.

There were many stories that the Rangers heard. Most were urban legends that they knew better than to simply dismiss out of hand. Others, such as tales of the wizard Merlin living as a motor mechanic somewhere within the city were dismissed outright. It wasn’t just the idea of a powerful wizard giving it all up for a life working with machines that caused their scepticism though. There were also the reports that Merlin had found tenure at one of the country’s leading universities and gained funding to further his studies of the aura.

In the end the discussion was unimportant. The Rangers were not heading to San Francisco to seek out Merlin or trios. Three of their own would be competing in the King of Fighters Tournament. Since their numbers had swelled so much, the Rangers had split up and made arrangements to travel as groups. The Morphin and Zeo teams were travelling together although Kat had stated she would travel by her own means. She hadn’t explained further and the Rangers hadn’t asked.

As the plane set down at San Francisco International Airport, Inspector Nash Bridges waited with his ex-wife Lisa in the terminal to greet the Rangers, one of whom was their daughter Cassidy – the Silver Zeo Ranger.

“You know, this is probably the only time we’ve sat somewhere quietly and not argued for a long time?” Nash asked.

“I know.” Lisa said eagerly waiting for the plane to arrive, and for their daughter to disembark. “I want to hear everything about what she’s doing. Her being away is like…”

“…something being torn out from you?” Lisa looked at her ex-husband and nodded at his choice of words. “I know. I’d love to be with her in Angel Grove. But Cassidy said she has to do this without us.”

“At least she has friends.” Lisa said. “A lot of them.”

Nash chuckled a little at Lisa’s remark as he remembered meeting all the Rangers. He had to admit, Cassidy had a lot of friends. Friends that were fellow Power Rangers and were going to be on the plane with her. He watched as the plane pulled up and docked at the gate. There was a short delay, but a few minutes later the door opened up and the passengers started to disembark. He waited patiently, watching the families on vacation, the hurried travellers eager to reach their business meetings and a large group of teenagers. He smiled as he identified some of the faces in the last group. It appeared that they had made it intact.


“San Francisco we have arrived.” Zack proclaimed excitedly as he stepped off the plane followed by the other teens in their party. They exchanged amused grins at their friend’s antics, but one of them reached forward and told him firmly to tone it down. The last thing they wanted was to be held up by security.

“Sorry Jase,” Zack responded. “But this is San Francisco! This is the city that takes everything it has to give, and still keep coming back. It’s kind of like us in a way.”

Jason considered Zack’s words and felt his friend was on to something. San Francisco did have something of a Ranger quality to it. A city that kept coming back from whatever anyone, or anything, had to throw at it.

“Yeah Zack, you’re probably right.” Jason agreed.

Many who visited the city claimed that there was a feeling of magic in the air. For the most part Jason agreed. He was not the most sensitive of the Rangers, but even he could sense the energy that seemed to flow through the city. He wondered if it was really magic or just the spirit of the people that lived there amplified through the minor Ley Line that branched throughout the area. Of course he was aware that beyond the background magic in the area, there were tales of real magicks at work within the city. Jason was certain that if those stories were true the area was as much a target for the forces of darkness as anywhere else.

~Good thing they have the Outsiders to protect them,~ he thought.

Thinking about the Outsiders caused him to think about one Jamie Zedden, member of the Outsiders and his current girlfriend.

While Jason was lost in his thoughts, Tanya was trying to deal with the odd feeling that she had come home. It was almost as if she was destined to live in San Francisco. For a moment she dismissed such thoughts, knowing that just because her cousin happened to live there along with her family didn’t make it her home. But somewhere deep inside she felt a connection to the city and knew in her heart that one day she would come back and stay.

Trini meanwhile was feeling very uneasy. Something hold her that something would happen at the King of Fighters Tournament. She didn’t know what was going to happen, but she knew it was not going to be a good thing.

“Trini?” Kim asked for the third time. “You okay?”


“Uhh, yeah Kim.” Trini said.

Billy looked in Trini’s direction and shared Kim’s concern. Since discovering her Yagami heritage and the power it offered, Billy found he worried more and more about Trini. She was after all his closest friend, and he didn’t want her to fall to darkness, especially when that darkness was already a part of her. So concerned was he about Trini that he didn’t have much of an interest in sightseeing.

Samoht wasn’t doing much sightseeing either, but for a very different reason. He knew the stories about San Francisco better than anyone. He had been there in 1903 when the alleged earthquake had happened. He had fought a monster there in a battle so fierce the whole city had shaken. He had used his magic afterward to help repair most of the damage, but he had been tired and the results had been less than perfect.

Nash and Lisa greeted the Rangers, shaking hands with those they had already met and introducing themselves to those they hadn’t.

“Did Cassidy come with you?” Nash asked. He heard they planned to drive out, but since the airlines were restored after the Cylon attack he assumed the Rangers had decided to fly instead.

“Yeah Mr. Bridges. She should be coming out shortly,” Jason assured him. “It was hard to get enough tickets to all sit together so we split up into smaller groups.”

After a short wait they were eventually joined by both Zeo teams. Another round of greetings took place before Nash drew Tommy and Skull to one side. As team leaders they were best place to answer the questions he needed answered.

“Has my daughter been taken care of?”

Skull snorted. “Sir, I’ve learned first hand that your daughter is capable of taking care of herself.” He added something about bruises, but Nash had turned his attention to Tommy.

“But that doesn’t change the fact that we will always be there to watch her back,” Tommy said. “Just as she has watched ours.”

Nash nodded. It was the sort of answer he had been hoping for.

“She is her father’s daughter,” Tommy added.

“Careful bubba. That’s not always a good thing,” Nash warned with a slight smirk just as Cassidy finally disembarked and spotted her parents.

“Hey daddy!” Cassidy cried, rushing over to her parents and wrapping them in a fond hug.

“Welcome back sweetheart,” Nash said as he hugged his daughter.

“I’m glad you’re okay sweetie,” Lisa said. “How’s Angel Grove?”

“Great,” Cassidy answered. “We still have a few monster attacks, but we’ve managed to fight them all off. One was kind of interesting…” She glanced around to make sure they were not being overheard before recounting her recent adventures with Astronema. She was very careful when she explained how the Princess of Darkness seemed intent on targeting her for some reason. Last thing she needed was for her father to go into the overprotective parent role.

She thought she had gotten away with it, shielding the danger behind her obvious enthusiasm, but it seemed Nash had simply been waiting for the story to end.

“So this villain decided to go after you personally?” Nash asked. “Did you do anything to her?”

“No, why?” Cassidy asked. Her father’s reaction seemed more curious than overly protective.

“I’ve been keeping tabs on Ranger activities since you moved there,” Nash quickly explained, realising that he really should have chosen a less public place. “According to reports, Astronema normally only attacks the Space Ranger team; Alison’s team. So why did she suddenly change tactics and go after you?”

Cassidy shrugged her shoulders, but had to admit, it was a good question. “I don’t know. To get at Alison maybe as she’s an Astro Ranger and Astronema is supposed to attack that team. I really don’t know why she’d be after me. It’s not like I stole her boyfriend, if she has one.” Cassidy was shaken out of her Astronema reverie when the other Rangers announced they had their luggage and were ready to leave the airport. Their ride was waiting.

“Cassidy, Laocorn has sent us a limo to take us to the hotel we’ll be staying at.” Kim said. “I take it you’ll be going home with your folks?”

“With my mom actually.” Cassidy said. “She still is leery of my father’s death trap.”

“Hey I resent my home being called a death trap!” Nash said.

“Well isn’t it earthquake condemned?” Lisa asked. “Isn’t it ready to fall after the next big quake?”

“They’re doing a seismic shore-up in the coming weeks.” Nash admitted. “It’s all in the waiver I signed.”

“Still I think our daughter would like to stay someplace that won’t fall in the ground tomorrow.” Lisa added.

Cassidy rolled her eyes. “Ahhh home sweet home,” she said sarcastically.

“Take care Cassidy. We’ll see you at the arena,” Samantha said.

The other Rangers smiled and left, leaving Cassidy to ride with her parents in the Cuda waiting outside.

“So where’s Alison?” Lisa asked as they travelled down the terminal. “Or is she travelling separately?”

Cassidy gave a half smile. “She’s travelling separately. VERY separately.”


A few miles outside of San Francisco six young people walked in the California heat. All were competitors in the King of Fighters tournament. Three of them were members of the Bogard family, the others were Power Rangers.

“Are we there yet?” Katherine Hillard asked as she walked in the heat sweating. She took swigs of water to keep herself cool, but she had to use it sparingly. Everyone did.

Terry told everyone this was a pilgrimage to the tournament. A journey full of hardship and sacrifice. Meant to purify the body, mind and soul for battle. Terry seemed to take the journey in stride. His brother Andy and friend Joe Higashi were having a….little bit of trouble.

“You’re enjoying this Terry aren’t you?” Andy asked.

Terry just looked at his brother and hid a smirk. “The pilgrimage to the tournament is part of the training Andy. You know that.”

“But do we have to walk?” Joe asked.

“The ancient fighters walked to their places of combat,” Cassie Chan replied.

“But we’re not ancient.” Alison said as she opened a bottled water and took a swig. “Terry, I love you to death, but I’m starting to wonder if death may not be coming a little closer to you right now… thanks to one of us.”

“Hopefully not from you Alison. You still love me right?”

Alison sighed as she realized Terry got her there.

“Hey guys, look.” Cassie Chan said pointing to a street sign. It said ‘San Francisco-20 miles’. The collective grown made it clear that the only person not upset at having so far to walk was Terry.

“Please someone. We need a cab.” Joe shouted to anyone that would hear. No one did. Not even a CHP officer. Joe even asked “Where’s Ponch and Jon when you need em?”

“Only twenty miles guys we can make it.” Terry said with a little more enthusiasm than necessary.

The walk continued, each competitor driven on by their own reasons for entering the tournament.

For Kat it it was a chance to confront her Psycho counterpart. Formerly known as Kaat, now she was known as Ivy Howard and the adopted daughter of a psycho billionaire that Terry, Andy and Joe had a history with.

For Cassie there was also a former Psycho Ranger awaiting her: a female Yagami named Kali, formerly named Triini. And ever since Triini had become Kali she had embraced her newfound identity, as well as the power and insanity that came with it. If Kali had not accepted the blood feud, if she had rejected that part of her legacy, Cassie would have been allowed to let it pass. But Kali had accepted that role and since Cassie was a part of the Kusanagi, Cassie felt it was up to her to her to deal with the threat.

But even if Kali wasn’t competing Cassie knew Kali would be there in some way shape or fashion. She also wanted to embrace her family legacy by taking part in the tournament.

Alison was a Bogard and she had a legacy to uphold. Even though she was also a Hammond now she considered the Bogard name just as important, as it was the name she grew up with. And as such she endured the training along with Cassie and Kat.

They walked a few more feet when a blue van pulled up. The door opened and the three members of Team Gorgeous came out. Blue Mary, King and Mai Shiranui Bogard stepped out. “Hey girls.” Mai called out. “Anyone need a ride?”

“YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!” Alison, Cassie and Kat said in unison as they wasted no time getting into the van. Mai, King and Mary also rushed in leaving the guys dumbfounded.

Joe however asked “Hey girls. Can we come too?”

“Sorry guys, enjoy the walk,” Alison said as she, Cassie and Kat closed the door on Blue Mary’s van and pulled away leaving Joe, Terry and Andy behind… for at least a hundred yards.

The van stopped and Mai opened the rear door. “You guys coming or not?” Andy and Joe wasted no time getting in.

“See you Terry.” Andy said. “Pilgrimages across the desert are overrated anyway.” After saying that Andy rushed into the van.

Terry sighed, realizing that he was outvoted. Following the lead of his friends and family he decided to take the ride as well. A decision Mary was glad Terry made as they rode the remaining twenty miles to San Francisco together.


Coming down yet another way, the Reid family limousine was barrelling down the I-5. Inside it were seven passengers, the Astro Power Rangers.

“Oh man I could get used to this.” T.J. said feeling the plush leather seat underneath him.

In another seat Carlos also sat back enjoying the rich comforts.

“You do get used to them.” Dan Reid, the White Astro Ranger.

Next to him sat Andros, Ashley and Sabrina, while across from them Zhane sat next to Carlos and T.J. but his mind was elsewhere. A lot of Rangers had their minds preoccupied.

Ashley was thinking of her sister Alison and their friend Cassie that were taking part in the KOF tournament. Alison had just come back into the Hammond family fold, and while their parents welcomed her back they were having concerns about Alison’s fighting lifestyle. Concerns that if Alison left she might not come back again one day. They had gotten their daughter back. They didn’t want to lose her again.

Ashley promised she’d stick with her sister like glue, and that Alison would not be alone. Her friends, or Terry, would be with her.

She had also been getting closer to Andros and hoped they could go on a date at the Embarcadero where Pier 39 was located. There were other sights in San Francisco as well she wanted to see, and hoped she and Andros could make a night out of it. Andros had slowly been coming out of his shell and Ashley wanted to encourage that.

Andros found himself becoming more and more attracted to Ashley. There was something about the Earth girl in front of him that just made him… happy. He wanted to be there for her, but he wondered if he did open up to her would there be something to take her away? Like Dark Specter took away his parents? Or how he lost Karone?

Sabrina looked out the window of the limousine and saw the sun over the Golden Gate bridge as they came to it. Its glow almost illuminating it. She never tired of seeing the sight of the bridge as the sun cast its rays on it. It truly looked like a Golden Gate. Looking off to the side she saw the spirit presence of Anne, and she nodded in agreement. Something about the Golden Gate just seemed magical.

Breaking the monotony Sabrina turned to Dan and asked “So Dan, you seem at ease with the trappings of wealth.”

“Not too at ease.” Dan said. “Dad and granddad always encouraged me not to become too dependent on the trappings of wealth. That sometimes… money doesn’t save you.”

“That’s true.” Sabrina said. “I’ve known many rich rulers and warlords. And when their kingdoms fell their wealth didn’t save them. Their fortunes were still taken and the rulers still were executed.” Dan looked wide eyed at Sabrina as he heard her say the words. As if they were from first hand experience. Like someone who had been there.

“Regardless, our family’s ‘extracurricular activities’ kept our instincts sharp. And ensured that we remained… resourceful.” Dan said the last line with a smirk.

Sabrina caught the smirk and seemed to nod. She knew Dan Reid was no pushover.

Changing the subject Dan then asked “So what does the UAE think of the KOF tournament? Do they have any thoughts on the matter?”

Sabrina sighed as she tried to think of an answer.


“The UAE always knew Earth had power, but they never really figured that humans of Earth could tap into it. At least not in a major way. So the tournament was disregarded for the most part. If any rulers caught a tournament they kept such findings to themselves. So I can’t be certain what the attitudes of UAE members could be.”

“Well Divatox’s should be easy to predict.” Andros said.

Sabrina chuckled a little as she heard Andros make a bit of a joke. She knew Divatox would only see the tournament as a beefcake show. ~Sometimes predicting Divatox is like trying to predict the weather when it’s raining.~ she thought.

“You guys talk a lot about Divatox, but I never really met her,” Ashley said

“Trust me you don’t want to.” Andros said. “But Sabrina’s right. Any major discoveries the UAE made about this tournament the members seemed to keep to themselves. Same it seems with the Council.”

“Man who do you trust?” T.J. asked as he wondered who was worse, the UAE or the Council.

Andros had an answer for that “Ourselves mostly. We’ll all need to stick together. Both here and on our way to Aquitar.”

Everyone nodded except Zhane, who was staring out the window. His mind a million miles away. Andros called to his friend as if shaking him out of his reverie.

“Sorry Andros. I was just thinking.” Zhane said.

Andros asked “About Cassidy?”

“No. Although it will be great to see her again.” Zhane thought about the hug he and Cassidy shared in Golden Gate Park and wondered if there wasn’t something there. But his mind was on someone else.

“I was just thinking about Karone.” Zhane said.

Andros nodded in understanding. “I miss her too.”

“I never even said goodbye.” Zhane wiped a tear from his eye and then rode the rest of the way in silence.



Back in Angel Grove the girl Andros and Zhane had missed was very much alive. However she was not the girl they once knew. At least not completely.

Karone Lanrydan sat at the juice bar watching the boy she had met, Leo Corbett, practice at the Angel Grove Youth Center. He was teaching a group of young students as a favour to the club manager Ernie. Ernie knew Leo and his brother Mike in passing, and had known the Corbett brothers had skills in Martial Arts. Ernie also knew of the youngest Corbett brother in the young genius program that Billy Cranston had been part of and had seen him take part in a few classes.

One day Ernie saw Leo come in and had mentioned that the regular Youth h Center Martial Arts instructor had to go out of town, and wondered if Leo or his brother Mike could fill in. Leo said he could, and invited Karone to come as well. Karone accep>pted the invitation knowing that many Rangers used the Angel Grove Youth Center as a hangout, and figured visiting the place might give her an insight into the Rangers’ mindset.

As she sat and watched Leo train some students, she sipped a smoothie Ernie had given her. Ernie looked at Karone for a few seconds before going back to business. Karone however caught Ernie’s looks and wondered what was on his mind. “Something I can help you with?” she asked.

“Sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable.” Ernie said. “It’s just that I have an eye for exceptional youths. Having known a few of them.” For a moment Karone wondered if Ernie didn’t mean the Power Rangers but she asked “And you think I could be one of them?”

“You remind me of them.” Ernie said. “But there is something different about you. Something….a little darker. And yet…”

Karone let out a small smile and said “It’s probably best you just see me as a regular smoothie customer. A customer here with a friend.” She looked in Leo’s direction and Ernie got the idea.

“You Leo’s friend?”

“Yeah. We met in San Francisco. My boyfriend left me and he… helped me deal.” Karone said as she thought of how they met.

Ernie studied the girl closely. There was just something that bothered him about her but he couldn’t tell what it was. “If someone dumped you he must have been an idiot.”

Ernie’s line got a chuckle for Karone as she took the flattery from Ernie.

“No, he’s not an idiot,” she said finally. “He just… doesn’t know any better.”

“So that’s when Leo came into the picture?” Ernie asked.

Karone nodded. “He’s been great. Just as great as he teaches this class.”

Karone watched as Leo looked at several of the students surrounding him. Some of them he knew. Nico Ramonos and Kayla Gordon were from an advanced class at the Angel Grove Youth Center. Also there was young Justin Stewart, who had recently been checked out of Angel Grove Memorial Hospital after being in an unexplained coma. Starting out Leo decided he would give a few tune up moves for the students to follow along. The students did so with ease, especially Justin.

Off to the side Karone looked on at the young kids working out dressed in a training gi with a purple belt on. Her mind turned to her training at the Ranger Academy at KO-35. The instructors there seemed to be rigid and hard lined as they put her and Andros through their paces. The logic being that the universe wasn’t all that kind, why should they be? Leo was a contradiction to those instructors. He kind and considerate, helping the students perfect their skills without coming down on them.

~Yes there are some drill instructors that would just hate Leo.~ Karone thought. Just then the new generation of Angel Grove bullies Biff Bulkmeier and Loman Skullovitch walked in carrying on like they were big shots, just like their predecessors had done.

“Well, looks like we made it to the little dweebs club.” Biff said throwing his imaginary weight around. “Where do we sign up to kick people’s heads in?”

Loman followed up with “Yeah. Where do we sign up?”

Off to the side Ernie told Karone how Biff and Loman reminded him of two kids he used to know. Of course it wasn’t hard for him to tell that Biff and Loman lacked the brains to be original and were simply emulating Bulk and Skull before the two bullies had cleaned up their acts.

Leo also knew the type of people Biff and Loman were. He and Mike had had to teach Willy how to deal with them. He looked at Biff and Loman and decided.

“All right I’ll give you a few pointers. Will one of you come to the centre please?”

“Cool. Loman, you first.” Biff said as he threw Loman in so hard that his friend hit the mat on the ground. As he quickly got u,p Loman found himself facing Leo, who launched three fakes towards Loman causing him to run from the ring and hide under a table, much to Biff’s disappointment.

All the kids were laughing, except for Biff who hissed “sissy” to his friend.

“Do you think you can do better?” Karone asked standing up from the bar and walking to the centre of the classroom. Turning to Leo she then asked “Do you mind if I interrupt?”

“Not at all Karone. I’m sure the kids would love to see you teach them what you know,” Leo answered.

“Karone?” Biff asked. “What sort of name is that?”

Karone stood her ground, looked him and the eye and enjoyed the uncertainty in his eyes as she answered: “Mine. Now are you going to come into the ring, or you going to send your friend in again?”

Biff stepped back wide eyed as he took Karone’s statement as a challenge. As he regained his composure Biff walked into the ring and looked Karone in the eye believing himself a big shot.

“You’re a girl. This shouldn’t be so tough.” Biff said arrogantly.

Karone smiled as she anticipated teaching Biff a lesson. Looking around she spotted a pair of bow staffs and picked them up. She handed one to Biff and wasted no time getting into a defence position.

“Attack!” she said at the very next second before lunging forward.

Biff started swinging his staff while Karone blocked all of Biff’s wild blows. After a while Karone knocked the end of her staff under Biff’s legs and threw him down to the mat. Biff got back up and picked up his staff again. No way was he going to get beat by a girl. ~Even if she’s hot.~ Biff added to himself.

Karone decided to throw the staff away while Biff still had his. Immediately the young bully lunged towards Karone who sidestepped the charge, grabbed the staff to make sure Biff kept going, using his momentum against him, and Biff was sent into the Pachinko machine that was closed for repairs. The youths chuckled as they saw Biff all sprawled out.

“Think you had enough training?” Karone asked.

Biff and Loman decided to run out of the Youth Center as fast as they could.

Ernie chuckled. “If they decide to take up cockroach kung fu I’m going to Bosnia.”

Leo walked over Karone’s side. “Those were good moves there. Where did you learn them?”

“I had a few good teachers.” Karone said. She then added with a little coyness “Maybe I could teach you a thing or two.”

Leo smiled. “Maybe.” As Leo and Karone got closer some of the class snickered, drawing the duo’s attention. “Short break,” Leo decided.

Before Leo went off with Karone however he noticed Justin off to the side and wanted to touch base with him. “Hey Justin, Jason and Rocky wanted me to ask how you were doing.”

“I’m getting by,” Justin said. “I do miss my dad though.”

Justin Stewart had awoken from a mysterious coma months ago. He had been abducted from his home where his stepmother had been murdered, and soon after-his father. All Justin could remember was a feeling that he had been trapped in a living nightmare that he couldn’t wake up from. And a figure looking on. An evil figure.


Then the nightmare ended, and a woman with a white porcelain mask said that Justin need not fear anything anymore. That ‘they’ would protect him. And so far no monsters came for him. For that Justin was glad, even if he didn’t know who ‘they’ were. He was released from the hospital a week or so later where he was remanded to the custody of Little Angel’s Haven children’s home. A place where he met his friends Nico and Kayla. Little by little it seemed like Justin was getting his life back, even though his dad and the rest of his family, were gone.

“I know how you feel Justin.” Leo said. “I lost my dad too.”

“I lost both my parents, and my brother.” Karone added. “I know what it’s like to lose family. But I also know what it’s like to gain one.”

The last part Karone said with a smile leaving Justin confused. Karone happily explained.

“You’re starting a new family with Nico and Kayla. As well as the other kids from Little Angel’s Haven. The friends you make become part of your new family. Bound not by blood, but by friendship.” Justin listened to Karone’s words and thought she was right. Justin was making new friends, and they were becoming part of his new family. He hoped no one would take them away like they took him away and left his family to die.

“Take care Justin.” Leo said being reassuring. “Any problems let someone know. Or me, and I’ll come running” Leo smiled giving Justin a few moments to smile at Leo’s reassurance.

Somehow he felt Leo meant what he said. He went to the changing to get dressed for the ride back. He then noticed Karone looking at a poster on the wall. A poster for a tournament in San Francisco, A tournament called ‘King of Fighters’.

“Leo do you know anything about this?” Karone asked.

Leo looked at the poster. “Only that Jason, Tommy and Rocky went to San Fran to attend. Apparently they have some friends taking part in it. That’s why I’m teaching this class, and Mike will be around to teach others.” Taking another look at the poster Leo then asked “Are you interested?”

~Dark Specter mentioned something about this,~ Karone thought. ~But none of the other council members say anything about it. It’s like… one of those topics grown ups only talk about.~

“Yes I’m interested Leo. Can we go?” Karone asked. “I’m very curious to see what this is all about.”

Leo looked at Karone and then back to the advert. He made a note of the number and walked over to the pay phone and dialled. After some time in the queue he was able to get two ringside seats for the tournament.

“Looks like we’re going back to San Fran again.” Leo said. Karone however wasn’t enthused when she heard the city of San Francisco again. The city that was home to the ‘other woman’.

“Whoopee.” Karone said with a touch of sarcasm. She didn’t have anything against San Francisco itself, but it was where she saw Zhane with that man stealing Silver Zeo Ranger. She hoped to make her pay with the Talisman of Size, but that idea had backfired and it took a lot of magic for her and Astronema to undo the after effects.

She prayed neither Zhane or Cassidy Bridges crossed her path. Regardless she and Leo got on the next available bus to San Francisco. They would see the tournament and have some fun too.



10 miles from the U.N.I.T. Black Archives.

“Skywatch to Trap 1, do you read?” the pilot asked as he completed another fly over of the transport route. It was his task to look out for possible threats to the convoy that rolled down the road beneath.

“Trap 1 to Skywatch we are receiving. Go ahead.” came the voice of the radio operator in the convoy below.

“Have completed final pass. All clear.”

“Understood Skywatch. We’ll be entering the no-flight boundary soon. You are free to return to base.”

Normally the helicopter would remain on watch until the convoy had reached its destination. However the Black Archives operated within a strict no fly area. Even UNIT’s own choppers were prevented from entering, not so much for the threat they posed to the installation, but rather the effect some of the equipment stored there could have on them.

“Roger that Trap 1. Over and out.”

With the helicopter gone, the convoy consisting of three jeeps and an armoured truck travelled the rest of the way alone. Since it was only ten miles to the archives it was believed the convoy would be safe as they could call the Archives and they could have a force deployed within minutes if there was any difficulty. Of course just because they believed they were safe didn’t mean that they were relaxed. These were difficult times and with all the recent problems UNIT wanted its artefacts secured. Therefore the guards were on full alert, ready for anything.

Unfortunately all the preparation and training they had received could not prepare them for what happened next. The lead jeep crossed a section of road and exploded as if the vehicle had rolled over a landmine. At the rear of the convoy a second explosion took out another jeep in a similar fashion.

The lead truck and the last jeep all stopped as UNIT troops disembarked. They took up positions wondering where the next attack was going to come. The answer came in the form of Minion’s WD Units led by Silvo as they approached the soldiers. The Sergeant ordered the soldiers to fire. The bullets having no effect. The WD units continued to advance.

It was clear that they would win, but Silvo decided to have a little fun with the remaining soldiers. As the last round of bullets flew towards the WD-Units, he fired an equal number of projectiles back at the soldiers. He watched in amusement as his shots ripped through the oncoming bullets before continuing on a deadly path toward the soldiers. As he turned his back he knew that the bullets had connected and that every shot had resulted in a lethal head wound. With the soldiers dead, Silvo ordered the WD Units to secure the cargo.

In the main truck was the object sought. A black cabinet with a section missing. Silvo ordered the WD Units to bring the cabinet out of the truck and then called for Minion. “Master. The object has been secured.”

“Excellent. Teleporting out now. Return at once.” Minion ordered as in a streak of black the Black Cabinet teleported away from the ruined convoy. It’s destination, Minion’s Prison Dimension. Silvo and the WD Units followed.


Minion’s Prison Dimension

~It seems so simple.~ Minion thought as he looked at the cabinet before him. ~Such a simple design, yet it’s capable of so much.~ Minion hoped the cabinet would live up to the hype J.J. Chambers’ letter said it was capable of. There were curiosities and concerns he wanted to address. This cabinet was the means to do just that.

“You may go Silvo. No one is to disturb me,” Minion said in a tone that left no doubt in Silvo’s mind that Minion wanted to be alone with his prize. A curious prize to say the least.

Silvo obeyed his master’s command and left Minion with the black cabinet J.J. Chambers wanted him to obtain.

On the outside it seemed like it was nothing special. Just an ordinary cabinet from the Far East. Minion however figured that that which looked least likely could be considered the most dangerous. Or perhaps the most powerful. ~If anything this could be more insightful.~ he thought as he looked at the key in his hand. A key that could open not just doors but possibilities as well. And Minion wanted to know what those possibilities were, and what they had to offer.

Taking the ‘key’ Minion placed it in the missing section of the black cabinet. The door opened and Minion stepped inside. Once the door closed the cabinet then the cabinet hummed with power and swirled as it seemed to disappear into a vortex that seemed to stretch into time, space and reality. Inside Minion felt reality twist, turn and reshape. As if travelling was causing massive upheaval to him. Minion didn’t mind however. He had found that pain was strength and the cabinet hummed with power. Dark power that could twist its occupants body, mind and soul. Minion however wasn’t worried about being twisted into a monster. He already was one.

He also felt a familiarity in the power. A sense that he encountered this power before. ~In the Dark Dimension perhaps?~ Minion wondered. ~Could the creators of this cabinet have harnessed the power of the Dark Dimension so they could travel in time and space?~ The possibilities did seem staggering to Minion. The Dark Dimension could well be a realm that has no limits.

Soon the cabinet settled and Minion stepped outside. He had found himself in an abandoned store in Chinatown. The sign that said ‘Going out of Business’ seemed evident that no one was present. That and the locked front door. The conclusion that he arrived in Chinatown was drawn due to the Chinese lettering also on the sign saying the same thing as it’s English counterpart, as well as the invitation saying that the tournament was in San Francisco where the most famous of Chinatowns were located.

Minion looked at the address on the invitation. The answers about who sent him and why were there, and he wanted them. Opening the door to the abandoned store and fusing the lock so no one would come after his travel cabinet he then started walking down the streets of San Francisco. As he walked Minion’s curiosity became laced with purpose. Who sent for him, and how could he benefit?

Minion would get answers to those questions as he continued walking down the street.


Outside one of the most expensive hotels in San Francisco two horse drawn carriages had pulled up and seven people had disembarked. Six of them were fighters in the upcoming tournament. The seventh was one of the fighter’s pregnant wife. On board were seven people. Six were fighters, one was a fighter’s pregnant wife. They were also Power Rangers from another reality.

Jeffrey Kincaid was the leader of a Ranger known as the Night Rangers. He had been invited to participate in the tournament along with three of his current teammates and a couple of Rangers from the loosely affiliated group known as the Nightfighters by Shadow, a being that claimed to be a guardian of the Shadow Grid, a claim Kincaid was not certain he believed. It was not that he thought Shadow was deceiving him, but rather the nature of the Shadow Grid that cause him to be sceptical. He hadn’t shared his views with either the McAllister-Kellers or Ken Tanaka. He was just grateful they had chosen to accompany him.

Shadow, the Shadow Guardian of good, had taken an interest in Kincaid it seemed. That was all well and good, but the Shadow Grid was by its definition a grey area and when approached by a being claiming to represent the good element of the Shadow Grid, Kincaid knew that the question should be: whose good? That Shadow saw Kincaid as a tool, a warrior that could deal with many important threats at least assured the Night Ranger that Shadow was honest.

But at heart Kincaid was just a man that wanted to live his life and not have to fight anymore. He had seen too much darkness and wanted a little light in his life. That was what his wife Mackenzie and their unborn child meant to him, the chance to live in the light for a while. But Shadow insisted Kincaid take part, for the exact reasons Kincaid wanted to hang up his morpher: his family.

And so Kincaid had reluctantly agreed to travel to another reality. In return Shadow had allowed his wife to accompany him, figuring that the least he could do was make Kincaid’s stay as pleasurable as possible and had put him up in the most expensive hotel in San Francisco. Kincaid had to admit he would never have expected such generous treatment from those the claimed to be purely good.

It seemed that his companions were equally blown away at the sight.

“Oh my god!” Sarah McAllister-Keller said looking at the sight of the Waldorf hotel. “How much did reservations cost?”

“Probably more than I make in twenty years.” Bruce Greene said as he took his bag off the carriage.

Cassandra Jensen seemed to agree with him “Treasure this stay guys. I think you won’t stay in a place like this again.”

“Unless you commit armed robbery and not get caught.” Ken Tanaka said. Everyone flashed Ken a look, not entirely convinced he was joking.

“Go ahead and sack out guys. I’ll catch up later,” Kincaid told them.

While his five teammates walked in to get their reservations, Kincaid went to check on his wife who still sat in the carriage taking her time to leave.

“I’d ask how you were doing, but that’s a stupid question right now isn’t it?” Kincaid asked as he sat across from Mackenzie.

Mackenzie flashed a look and said “Ya think?”

“Regardless…” Shadow said as he appeared in the seat across from Mackenzie, “I am grateful for you coming here. If I had another choice I would take it.”

Kincaid sighed when he saw Shadow appear out of nowhere without warning. Not even he could pick up the Shadow Grid guardian, even with the help of the Night Spirits; Shadow just seemed to turn up.


“This threat better be as serious as you say it is.” Kincaid said.

Shadow nodded. “I wouldn’t have asked you to come if it weren’t. Despite the ease you might feel passing between realities, keeping the path open is extremely… draining.” He looked thoughtful. “The walls between realities that opened during your battles with Dagsyxx are starting to close again. In time the shards of the Nexus Crystal that you use will not be available to you; it will once again be the gift of gods… and perhaps speedsters. Still, I asked and you came, and for that I am grateful. I realize this is inconvenient for you, so I have tried to make your stay as pleasurable as possible.”

“Hence the expensive suite?” Mackenzie asked.

Shadow again nodded. “As well as the carriages you have so you can have a romantic night before the hellish day.”

“You’re leaving us the horse drawn carriages?” Kincaid asked surprised at the gesture.

Shadow nodded seeming to show a romantic side he had not used in a long time.

“No reason you and Mackenzie can’t enjoy yourselves while you are here.” Shadow answered. He noticed his answer had not convinced them and sighed. “I’ll be at the tournament tomorrow. The carriages are paid for until tomorrow morning, so you can have a bit of a night together.”

“Because tomorrow will be tough right?” Kincaid asked.

Shadow nodded. “Very.”

Then he disappeared.

Mackenzie looked at the carriage and then at Kincaid and asked “Well?”

“I think I will need to rack out to be ready for tomorrow.” Kincaid said. He then turned and gave Mackenzie a slight smile as he touched her hand. “But I think we can spare a little time.”

Mackenzie also smiled, pleased that she had some together time with her husband. Something she hadn’t had for a long time.

With that Mackenzie and Kincaid decided to take a ride and explore San Francisco. Two hours later they joined their teammates who were already asleep.

They didn’t regret the evening they had. But Kincaid did wonder what else was going to happen at the tournament.