ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 11

Part 11

Samantha was 90 minutes into her watch on the communications panel when a signal came in. “Doctor! Zordon! Alpha! We’ve got something!”

The Doctor rushed over to the panel where Sam was and traced the signal to North Valley. “Alpha you had better bring Carter and Kathy here. ” The little android followed the Doctor’s command and rushed to get them. After a few minutes Carter, Kathy and Nathan ran into the main chamber and over to the communications console where Samantha was.

“What’s going on?”, Carter asked.

“We’ve just got a signal on one of the frequencies you provided for us. “, Samantha said. “It’s focused in the town of North Valley. ”

“North Valley? That’s where Zhane, Karone and Doubledealer are supposed to be. “, Carter said in disbelief.

“And that’s not all. “, Alpha added. “I’m detecting a structure about ten miles outside North Valley’s city limits. It’s one I am unfamiliar with. ” Alpha called up the image on the viewer and an overhead image of Digitropolis appeared.

“What is that?”, Kathy asked.

“I’m afraid I do not know Kathy. “, Zordon said. “But for right now it’s not a threat. There is only minimal signs of life inside. When the moment presents itself we shall send a team to investigate further. For now however we must make contact with Carter’s friends. ”

Alpha nodded and Carter got ready to speak on the mike as Alpha moved to establish contact.

Doubledealer stood awaiting the completion of the linkup of Syd’s laptop to Doubledealer’s mainframe. The entry point to Doubledealer’s main computer was almost established when a signal came through on his communicator.

“Doubledealer, Zhane, Karone, this is Carter. Do you read me? Over?” Carter’s voice came in loud and clear.

Zhane was the first to answer the signal. “Hey Carter. Zhane here. What’s up?”

Carter proceeded to give the run down of what had happened so far. “We’ve run into some dry wells concerning the matrix. Also, Dana and Ken haven’t checked back in yet. ”

Samantha then realized something. “Wait, you said there were others of your team right?” Carter nodded.

“I think we might have met one of them. “, Samantha continued. “Did he ride a motorcycle, wear a lot of black, and blow a lot of wind?”. Carter couldn’t help but chuckle at Samantha’s description but he did nod yes.

Samantha continued nonetheless. “I’m afraid he may have been taken. We went to one of the sites you had to search I think. I know Samoht told us that they had found some sort of object of power there and his employers made off with it. ”

“Who were these employers?”, Carter asked with concern. Samantha answered that they were from the Ranitime Corporation.

“And what about Ken? What happened to him?” Samantha answered that an Aquaitian named Zanzibar appeared and took him after he was momentarily blinded.

“Guys did you hear that?”, Carter asked.

“Yeah Carter we did. Wait for our signal and we’ll head straight for your signal. “, Karone answered. “Right now however we’re in the middle of something. ”

Carter looked confused. “What are you guys doing?”, he asked over the comm.

“Something stupid. “, Doubledealer answered. “We’ll be in touch. ” The comm board clicked off leaving Carter facing static. “This is so not good!”, Kathy answered.

An idea then came to Carter. “Alpha can you call up a scan of those sites I mentioned earlier?”

“Of course Carter. “, Alpha answered and the image of probable matrix sightings was on screen. “Okay now the matrix was found here right?”, Carter pointed to the area near Stonehenge.

“If that’s what the object was then yes. “, was Samantha’s answer. Carter then pointed to where Dana was supposed to search. “This is where Dana was supposed to be searching. Do you guys know anything about that?”

“Ai, yi, yi, yi, yi! That’s the location of the main campus at Arcadia Academy. A school that the Rani owns and runs!”

The Doctor sighed at the mention of the Rani. Carter, curious about who the Rani was asked the Doctor that very question.

“The Rani is a time lord, much like myself. Except she is not overly concerned with conquest as most renegades are. She prefers to deal in biochemestry and genetic research. ”

“And she firmly believes the ends justify the means in her ‘experiments’. “, Samantha added. “Some you may not want to know about. ”

Alpha then interrupted again. “Oh my goodness Ai, yi, yi, yi, yi! I’ve run a scan of those matrix energy signals provided, and I’ve just seen readings at Arcadia spike up. ”

“That can only mean one thing. “, Zordon said. “That the matrix you are searching for Carter is at Arcadia Academy. ”

Carter looked over the results. “What would the Rani be doing with the matrix, Ken and Dana?”

Samantha cast a look towards Carter. “You may not want to know. ”

Syd was almost finished with the connections to Doubledealer’s mainframe when Tanker came up from behind her. “How’s it going Syd?”

“Just. . . about. . . there. “, she said as she connected the last wire to Doubledealer’s main computer. The laptop came on line and she then called up the Servo program.

“Okay, Sam you ready?” Syd asked. Sam nodded that he was.

“You guys ready?”, she called up to Zhane, Karone and Doubledealer. Zhane and Karone said they were but Doubledealer said, “Ah I’m not ready but let’s get this over with. ”

Sam Collins brought up his Samurizer and the whole squad said their rallying call. “LET’S SAMURIZE GUYS!”. Sam turned into a ball of energy that headed straight into the laptop computer. Once inside a suit of armor appeared around him as well as a portal that seemed to link into Doubledealer’s computer.

Sam Collins, now Servo, flew through the portal straight into Doubledealer’s system. When he arrived he activated his growth program and increased his size. Looking around Servo asked, “All right where are the buds?”

“Follow conduit A-47. It leads to the reproduction circuitry. ” Servo followed the conduit and came to an area that seemed so dark and powerless.

“Well what do you expect? This process is seldom used. “, was Doubledealer’s remark. After a few minutes the budding circuitry reactivated as if coming out of a long sleep. Servo looked to the center of the chamber to see a series of molecules forming and swarming around each other.

“All right Servo step into the center of the molecules and allow them to fuse with your program. “, Servo followed the instructions and allowed the molecules ot merge with him. Upon contact Servo felt the power of the bud fill within him as he changed. His body erupted like it was on fire as the old Servo seemed to be burning away and a new Servo seemed to be recreating in it’s place.

Servo seemed to be growing larger and larger as he felt his form going forward still screaming in pain though, despite his cries being mixed in with Doubledealer’s cries as Servo moved forward towards rebirth.

One molecule however remained behind however inside Doubledealer and made it’s way out another area of his onboard system. Usually it would have been forgotten but there were plans for this microbe and others like it.

The Syber Squad looked up as something erupted from Doubledealer’s chest. A ball of matter and energy struggled to get loose from it’s parent transformer and when it was sucessful set down on the ground as it’s new form solidified.

After a few moments the process was complete and Servo’s new body was complete. He stood as tall as Doubledealer, if not an foot or two taller, wearing a red and silver colored robot body, and his head seemed to be the same as the original Servo’s, but with the exception of the faceplate covering his mouth that was where the similarities ended.

Servo’s new body seemed a lot more squared than rounded. A red triangle started from his shoulders going all the way down to his waist. His forearms also having the same color of red with the rest of his body colored in silver, except for the legs which were colored black. The tiger symbol of the Cybertrons showing on the center of his chest.

“Good bye old Servo, hello new Servo!”, he said. The Syber Squad shouted their approval with a rally of cheers going from “All right!”, to “Cool!” to a “All right budding process!” from Amp. This got him a few stares.

But Servo was not yet done. Using his new sensors he tracked the swarm molecule trying to escape Doubledealer but Servo managed to catch it with his grid energy and bring it into his new operating system.

“All right. Time to reformat this puppy. ” Servo then turned his program inside and modified the transformation properties inside. Soon the process was complete and the transforming program was all set.

“All right. Power down!”, Servo said and he shrunk back down to human size and changed back into the form of Sam Collins. Syd and everyone gave him hugs and pats on the back.

“I’d say that was a sucessful test. “, Syd said. Everyone agreed. Then a clearing of the throat from Doubledealer interrupted the merriment.

“Ahem! Do you mind? Some of us have things to do. “, he called out. The Squad nodded and Sam brought up his new Cyberizer and transformed back into Servo. Tanker then stepped forward ready to be next.

“The conduits are open, and the molecules are swarming. “, Syd said giving Tanker the low down.

“All right then. LET’S KICK SOME GIGABUTT!!”, Tanker called out as he was the next to be sent through the process. The budding energies filled his form as well as his form was the next to be expelled from Doubledealer. He too landed nearby and Servo caught the molecule escaping from the latest change. Servo reformatted it and downloaded the new microbe into Tanker’s new body. Now he too was able to change back into human form.

Unlike Servo however Tanker’s new Cybertron body was all blue with only the face showing the slightest difference in color, next to the red Cybertron symbols on his shoulders, as the face stood out white. It also had a brawnish, squared impression as if Tanker stood ready to plow through anything in his way.

“Okay guys we’re next. “, Syd said to Amp and Lucky as they made ready to enter the computer. Syd stood in the center while Amp stood off to the left and Lucky to the right.


“SURF’S UP!!!”


Three flashes entered the computer and went through the budding apparatus coming out of Doubledealer the same way Servo and Tanker had. Again Servo captured the swarm molecules and reformatted them before putting them in their new systems.

Syd looked at her new Cybertron body. It wasn’t as tall as Servo’s, and probably not as strong, but it was sleek and styled and on her chest frame and legs she could make out the silouettes fo flames. “Wow I must be a sports car or something. ”

Amp looked at his Cybertron frame. Like Tanker’s it was more squared than rounded and his legs seemed to be big and shaped like a truck hatchback’s. He also had a purple color to his robot frame which seemed kind of weird, but then Amp was a space cadet.

Lucky’s body was also squared in it’s shape and not as tall as Servo’s and Tanker’s but it looked more rugged than the other bodies. Lucky saw four-wheel-drive tires mounted on his shoulders and legs and his body coated in a green color. He thought he had an idea what his Cybertron body could do and couldn’t wait to try it out.

“Okay guys. I know we’re all just dying to see how these bodies rock!”, Servo had said. “So let’s put them through their paces. TRANSFORM!!!”

The new Cybertrons transformed their bodies to their vehicle modes. Servo transformed into a vehicle that looked a lot like a combination sports-car/semi reminiscent of the vehicle mode Rodimus Prime had. Tanker transformed into a blue 18-wheeled tanker truck that looked like it could run down anything that got in his way.

Syd’s vehicle mode was that of a yellow sports car reminiscent of a Ferrari. And the flames on her hood and side only emphasized the sexy exterior. Amp transformed into a purple hatchback pickup truck which didn’t look all that impressive, but the purple color reflected his weirdness well. Lucky transformed into a green 4×4 jeep that looked like it belonged on the beach carrying a bunch of surfers.

“Woohoo this is so cool!”, Syd hollared revving her engine.

“You said it Syd. “, Tanker said. “What do you say we take ourselves out for a test drive?”

“Fine with me!”, Servo said. “CYBERTRONS ROLL OUT!!!”, and with Servo leading the convoy the new Superhuman Cybertron Syber Squad took to the highway leaving Doubledealer, Zhane and Karone behind. Zhane and Karone jumped from the engine compartments and transformed back to human mode upon landing.

“How do you like that huh?”, Zhane said. “We give them new bodies and powers and they don’t even give us a thank you. ”

“Now come on Zhane. Don’t be upset. “, Karone coddled Zhane. “I’m sure they’ll thank us later. ”

“In the meantime I’m drained. Perhaps you two could find something to eat so I can recharge?”, Doubledealer said. Using the budding process took a lot out of a Transformer, especially if it was done five times.

A car then came down the street and stopped at the Collins’ house. A pizza delivery guy came out and asked if this was the address where twenty pizzas with the works were to be delivered. Zhane and Karone both had hungry looks in their eyes and nodded making the pizza delivery boy nervous. The giant robot standing behind them didn’t ease the tension he was feeling either.

“Okay that will be $215. 17. With tax. “, the delivery boy said. Zhane and Karone looked at the delivery boy as if saying “You’ve got to be kidding!”

The Queen of the Crown looked in as she watched the girl in pink strapped to the gurney thrashing about like a madwoman. The Queen smiled at the sight knowing that the thrashing Dana was doing was a sign that the virus was working and that her body was changing accordingly.

The readouts on the monitor also said the same thing. They showed Dana’s body temperature dropping, as well as two new hearts growing inside her while her human heart was shriviling up an dying. Also apparent on the readouts were the lindos gene which served the time lords with their regenerative powers. Dana was clearly changing into a time lord. The queen smiled as she looked on. A jewel in her hand. Soon the mind of Dana Mitchell would be hers, and the Rani would have Dana’s body to regenerate in.

Dana however felt like her whole body was tingling and on fire at the same time. She knew that she was changing into something, and she didn’t know what but that wasn’t important now. What was important was getting out and getting help. She looked down at the communicator between spasms wondering if it was still sending out the distress beacon. It was.

Why aren’t the guys here by now?, she thought. Doesn’t the beacon have enough power? Subconsciously Dana wished that the beacon would be able to put out a stronger signal. Strangely enough, while no one noticed the Matrix of Spirit shone a little brighter.

And then the beacon seemed to get an incredible jolt of power as Dana’s morpher sent out a stronger signal.

“Hey we’ve got something here!”, Samantha called out. Carter rushed on over to see what Samantha was talking about.

“That’s Dana’s distress signal. “, Carter said. “But it’s emmiting a lot of power. The reading is off the scale!”

“I believe that the matrix that you seek Carter is what is aiding your friend’s distress call. “, The Doctor added. “There are two signals being emmited from that signal. One is that of the matrix that you seek. The other seems to be a crude signal much like that of your ranger powers, except in a pink hue. ”

“We’d better contact Doubledealer. Kathy said. Tell him to get here ASAP. ”

“Call forth the other rangers Alpha. “, Zordon ordered. “Also, bring our guests in on this as well. ”

“Right Zordon. “, Alpha said then Zordon turned to the Doctor. “I trust that fluid link problem has been taken care of old friend?”, Zordon asked with a touch of humor. Carter and Kathy looked on confused while Nathan smiled lopsidedly having an idea what Zordon and the Doctor were up to.

“Wouldn’t you know it? But I just happened to have an extra fluid link in the TARDIS ready to be installed. ” The Doctor reached into his coat pocket and took out the second fluid link, as well as a spool of string, a bag of jelly babies, and an old yo-yo.

“Perhaps you should install it then old friend. “, Zordon said with a smile. “You never know when we’ll be needing the teleporter. ” The Doctor nodded and went under the teleport console and installed the new link.

Carter and Kathy just shook their heads and went back to getting in contact with Doubledealer.

Two of Zanzibar’s Horror Guards carried off Keen from the ring while Ken himself hobbled out escorted by the Motley Crew. Biilly looked down at the ring along with the Rani and asked, “Inconclusive?”

Rani nodded and said, “Inconclusive. ” When the ring was cleared a group of young people walked into the central area while Rani, Biilly and Zanzibar looked down. Zanzibar noticed the resemblance the young people had to the rangers and asked, “Replicas?

Biilly nodded and said “Replicas. ” Jaason however was none too pleased with being called, especially since the last job where they had energy for new powers only to lose it and a new hero group form thanks to the traitorous Tyler (Toommy) Oliver.

“This had bettr be real good Biilly. “, Jaason had said. Clearly he was in no mood to deal with Biilly again.

“Oh it’s good Jaason. It’s real good. ” Biilly then started to make his sales pitch.

“I’ve formed an alliance with this gentleman Zanzibar here to provide us with powers and a means to destroy the Power Rangers once and for all. “, Biilly had said.

“Ho, hum! We’ve heard this before. “, Kiim said brushing off Biilly’s claims. “Can’t you think of anything original?”

“How about to destroy not only this world’s power rangers, but EVERY POWER RANGER IN EXISTANCE!!!”, Zanzibar shouted then he proceeded to wave his hands in the air and all the Psycho Rangers were lifted off the ground in an act if levitation, and were grasping their throats as if something was choking them all to death. The Psychos were writhing in pain trying to get their next breath as Zanzibar continued to hold them in place. “Wow, they really radiate evil don’t they?”, Zanzibar asked. Biilly nodded proud of the work he had done with them even though they could be rebellious at times.

“It truly is delicious evil isn’t it?”, Zanzibar smiled as he fed on the Psycho Ranger’s evil thus feeding Zanzibar’s power. In essence, The Psychos were being done in by their own darkness despite that the power was coming from Zanzibar’s own hand.

Biilly, deciding that the Psychos have had enough asked Zanzibar if he could release the Psychos. zanzibar sighed and said “Okay. “, before shutting off the power and sending the Psychos crashing down onto the ground. Biilly then put his right leg forward on the balcony wall and looked down at Jaason and his crew smugly.

“Now then Jaason. Shall we talk business?” Jaason looked up and decided that it would be best to hear what pitch Biilly had to make.

Zhane and Karone sat on the porch steps wolfing down the last slices of pizza. Elizabeth Collins walked out to the porch to see the Powermaster humans eat, and was immediately grossed out.

“Ugh! You guys are disgusting!”, she said making a gross out face. “Just wait till my brother comes home. ” Elizabeth walked back into the Collins house as Zhane and Karone continued to scarf down the last slices.

Doubledealer sat sulking. He hated having to pay for fuel out of his credit account, but he figured he’d have to get used to it. The roar of car engines came down the street as Doubledealer saw the new Cybertrons driving on in.

“Cybertrons transform!”, Servo called out as his team transformed back to their robot modes. Then they all said “Power Down!”, and changed back to human form just in time to see pizza boxes strew all over the place and Zhane and Karone stuffing the last slices of works pizza in their faces.

Sam looked at them both and his jaw looked like it was ready to hit the floor as did the rest of the Syber Squad. “You ate all of that?”, Sam said.

“Hey I paid for it!”, Doubledealer said. “Don’t harp on them!. ”

“Sorry!”, Zhane said with his mouthfull before swallowing. “We didn’t know how long you would be gone and the budding process took a lot of Doubledealer’s power. He needed a recharge bad. ”

“Yeah!”, Karone said. Her mouth still full of pizza too.

Sam just shook his head trying not to think about what pigs Zhane and Karone were. May I never get a Powermaster component myself. , he thought before turning to happier thoughts. “Well anyway, we just gave our new Cybertron forms a test drive, and they were GREAT!”

The rest of the Syber Squad shared Sam’s enthusiasm from the robot modes to the vehicle modes to the special features put in, but before they could say what they were Doubledealer interrupted.

“Hey guys I’ve just got a call. Carter says they’ve got a teleporter running and we’re all going to meet where he’s at. So let’s get going. ”

Zhane looked at Sam and asked “You want to come too?”

The rest of the Syber Squad nodded and Zhane and Karone transformed back into engines and hooked up to Doubledealer again. When Doubledealer felt the power rush again he then said it was okay to teleport.

“There are also five humans here with us. “, Doubledealer said. “They can help us with matrix recovery. Teleport them as well. ”

Carter acknowledged and Doubledealer and the Syber Squad teleported of the front of Sam’s driveway to Power Mountain.

Since Doubledealer was too big to fit in the main chamber Zhane and Karone disengeged from him and walked into the main chamber. The Syber Squad stood off to one side of the room as Dax, the rangers, Troopers, Rogues, Beetleborgs, and Outsiders walked into the main chamber.

Jessica however gave Zhane and Karone dirty looks and they wondered what her problem was. “Do I have something on my lip?”, Karone asked Zhane thinking she had an anchovie on her. Zhane shook his head no and just went back to looking at Jessica’s icy stare.

Rocky however cast a look at Jessica and whispered, “Hey, put the daggar eyes away will you?”

“I can’t help it. “, Jessica said. “The more I see those two with that robot outside the more I think of my sister Josie. ” Jessica thought sadly about her sister, and fellow computer genius Josie Beller, trapped in a wheelchair because of a robot. She had no idea what the Syber Squad could do and for the moment the Syber Squad decided that their new powers were probably not a good thing to share right now due to the icy stares Zhane and Karone were receiving from her.

“Well right now these guys are on our side and they need our help. So please check your hard feelings at the door and let’s focus on the job at hand. “, Rocky muttered to Jessica.

Zordon then started to address all the assembled forces of good in the room. “My friends. We are facing a great crisis at this time. The Rani has secured the Matrix of Spirit as well as two rangers from another realm and is holding them at the main campus at Arcadia Academy. ”

The mention of Arcadia Academy brought some murmurs and hushed breaths from the crowd. Especially, from the VR Troopers, Beetleborgs, and Syber Squad who knew the suffering they felt at the hands of Arcadia Academy, and the Outsiders for knowing what evil the place was capable of producing.

“But that’s not all. “, the Doctor then added his voice to the mix. “We have picked up many teleport signals entering the area. It’s a good bet that the Rani has made alliances with other beings looking to further her power. ”

Kaitlin struggled to get the sentence out. “Is the Queen of the Crown one of the evils there? Can you tell?”

The Doctor sighed before answering. “Nothing certain. But it is possible that the Queen is there. ” Zordon and the Doctor took a moment to explain to the Troopers and Beetleborgs that they knew about the problems they had with the Queen, but they did leave out HOW they knew. A look at the Syber Squad said that they too had problems with the queen as well.

“I know I can’t order you to go into this battle. “, the Doctor said giving a speech to all those assembled. “The people we’re asking you to rescue are people you don’t even know. The object of power you need to retrieve, one you’ve never heard of. But trust me when I say that this mission is necessary. The matrix that Carter and his friends need to retrieve is one in a chain of great power that can be used to either save the universe or destroy it. And with an assembly of evil gathering in the same place where the matrix is would not be a good thing for not only the universe, but many other dimensions as well. If we do not help Carter and his friends get back the matrix then the consequences would be most dire. ”

Zordon then spoke. “This mission will be very dangerous. So I ask for volunteers. ”

The Morphin Rangers wasted no time stepping forward. Nor did the Zeo Rangers. The Doctor flashed a smile at Samantha, proud of her for the courage she was showing.

The Outsiders also stepped forward never ones to pass up a good fight. Masked Rider then joined with the Outsiders stepping forward as well.

Lillith, fully recovered stepped forward along with Unia. She waved for Heather to stay back as if saying that she wasn’t ready for what was to come. Carter also stepped forward, along with Kathy and Nathan.

Zhane and Karone also stepped forward. “Since Doubledealer can’t be inside with us, we’re speaking for him. We’ll go. ”

Jessica cast a look that was still icy, but had a measure of grudging respect and admiration towards the two Powermaster components. Soon all eyes turned to the Troopers, the Syber Squad, and the Beetleborgs.

Drew, Jo and Roland looked at each other then at Josh who nodded at his three friends saying that it was okay. The three young kids stepped forward saying that they were going. The VR Troopers shared a look amongst themselves and nodded as they too stepped forward.

The Syber Squad shared looks with each other united by commaraderie and new power. Knowing the possibilities and risks they too stepped forward.

“Excellent!”, Zordon said. “I am proud of all of you. You are willing to brave incredible odds for all that is good. You are all true heroes. ” The assembled heroes smiled at Zordon’s words and silently thanked him for the compliment.

“One moment please. “, Kathy said going up to the Troopers, Beetleborgs, and Syber Squad. “I know you have been greatly hurt by the Queen of the Crown, and you all realize that you may have to face her again. ” All the heroes nodded.

“But there may be a way for you to help defeat her. All of you form a circle and hold hands. ” The Troopers, Beetleborgs and Syber Squad did so and Kathy joined in the circle taking Ryan’s and Drew’s hands.

“Open your minds and open your hearts to one another. “, Kathy told the assembled. “Share your pain and gain strength from the sharing. ” The heroes in the circle did so as the others stood and watched. Then as quickly as it started the circle broke and the heroes all stood smiling as if a great weight has been lifted.

“If the Queen of the Crown shows up. We have a way of dealing with her now. “, Kathy said with a smile of confidence. Alpha then came up and said to her “Your motorcycle has been teleported to the designated co-ordinates. ”

“Thank you Alpha. “, Kathy said. “Teleport Ken’s too. When he’s free he’s going to want his ride. ”

“Already done. “, Alpha said then Zordon spoke again to all the assembled heroes. “Good luck my friends, and may the power portect you!”

“All right!”, Tommy called out with Jason finishing the sentence. “IT’S MORPHING TIME!”


































The Syber Squad teleported out when they gave their call. “LET’S CYBERNIZE GUYS!”





With only a minor glance from Silver Zeo under her helmet to the Cybertrons the heroes teleported from Power Mountain ready for combat at Arcadia Academy.

Part 12


ID War Crisis of Faith – Part 10

Part 10

Ryan Steele took in the guest quarters that he, J. B. , Dex, Albee, Roland, Drew and Josh shared. It was decided that the guests would be divided between boys and girls which meant that Kaitlin, Molly Stewart, Heather Davis, Unia, Lillith, and Jo shared a separate set of quarters for the duration of their stay. Heather, Dex, Unia and Lillith stepped outside for a while since Lillith wnted to stretch her muscles and Heather wanted explanations from Unia as to who she really was. Barbara and Hal Stewart had a different room to themselves.

Ryan sat on his bunk and looked across from Drew who was sitting on the bunk next to his. “Some adventure huh?”, Ryan asked. Drew smiled in sarcasm and nodded.

“So you’re retired too?”, Ryan said continuing the conversation. Drew nodded and said “Yeah. ”

“Any reason in particular?”, J. B then asked joining in the discussion. Roland then entered the conversation. “Probably the same as yours. “, he said.

“How about we compare notes?”, Josh advised. Everyone thought it was a good idea and the boy troopers started to swap their retirement stories.

In the girls quarters Kaitlin and Jo were getting ready to have a similar conversation. “Didn’t I see you before somewhere?”, Jo asked.

“Probably that prison dimension we were in. It was run by that guy called. . . Minion right?” Jo nodded at Kaitlin’s assessment.

“Now that guy was bad news. “, Molly commented. “I saw on the news where he had tortured the rangers and gave them blasters to fire at him. ”

Kaitlin didn’t remember since she was unconscious most of the time in Minion’s prison dimension. Jo herself had drifted in and out of unconsciousness during the Beetleborg’s stay. But both girls heard about the torment of the rangers which made their own tortures seem like a vacation.

But they weren’t, and it was all due to one villian in particular.

In the main chamber Alpha and the Doctor looked over the security monitors watching the conversations the Troopers and Beetleborgs were having with interest. Carter, starting to feel exaustion come over him, thought about leaving the computer terminal on automatic but he wanted to be on hand if anything came up on the team’s whereabouts.

But for right now it was the Troopers and Beetleborgs that got the Doctor’s and Zordon’s attention. “You sure about this old friend?”, the Doctor asked Zordon.

“The security cameras are seldom used, but in this case if we are to find out what the problem with the Beetleborgs and VR Troopers is then perhaps they will share that information with each other rather than with us.

The Doctor sighed looking at the video images. “I hope you’re right Zordon. I hope you’re right. ”

“It started when Minion first attacked. “, Sam Collins said sitting on the couch with his friends sitting with him except for Lucky who sat on a stool and Amp who sat on his head. “It allows me to listen better. “, he said standing upside down with his feet hanging on a closet bar and a pillow on the floor where Amp’s head rested.

Sam nodded his head at Amp’s. . . rest position and continued to speak to Zhane and Karone. “Well as I was saying, North Valley was attacked by a villian calling himself Minion. We didn’t know who he was or what he wanted. All we saw him do was destroy our town. ”

“We couldn’t even fight him. “, Tanker said. “Our powers work—I mean worked, in the digital realm. There was no place for Servo or the Syber Squad to connect to. ”

“And that’s when she showed up. “, Syd said as she and the others remembered the villianess that made them feel so helpless.

“This villianess, what was she like?”, Molly asked.

Kaitlin grimaced as she had brought up the painful recollection of the villianess who had handed the VR Troopers their greatest defeat. “She was dressed all in white. Even a white veil that covered her face. . . . ”

“Only her yellow eyes could be made out. “, Jo said completing the sentence. Molly looked at both Kaitlin and Jo as she realized that the White Trooper and the Platinum Purple Beetleborg were talking about the same villian.

“What did she do?”, Molly asked.

“She had all this power. Power which she used to push us all back. “, J. B. explained.

“We tried everything from the laser lance, to concentrated blaster fire. All it did was make her stronger. “, Ryan added.

“And the more power she took in the better she fought it seemed. “, Drew said. “We were soon at her mercy. ”

You guys didn’t surrender did you?”, Albee asked. Next to Masked Rider the Troopers and the Beetleborgs were his favorite heroes. Right alongside the Power Rangers of course. Roland looked up to Albee and gave a smile that seemed to be full of weariness.

“No we didn’t surrender. “, Roland answered. “But I do wonder what would have happened if we did. ”

“Minion’s troops were all over the place. Since we were unable to call on Servo in the real world we were easy prey. “, Tanker said, eyes sullen.

“I tried to fight back but it seemed like my fighting skills weren’t so great when I wasn’t Servo so I was overmatched. “, Sam tilted his head down as if ashamed that he wasn’t able to be the great hero that had handed so many defeats to the so-called monarch of the digital doorway. “This woman then brought up these crystals and placed them on our foreheads. ”

“We then felt our life forces go into the crystals. “, Syd added. Her eyes as sad as the rest of the squad.

Zhane and Karone looked at the kids. Clearly this villian handed the kids a major defeat in more ways than one.

“This villianess. “, Zhane started to say. “What was her name?”

“The Queen of the Crown!”, Zordon called out identifying the villian that was behind the Trooper’s and Beetleborg’s woes. The Doctor rubbed his chin as if deep in thought.

“It’s amazing. I would have thought the Time Lords would have done something about her. ” Alpha turned to ask “What do you mean Doctor?”

The Doctor began to explain. “During my sixth regeneration I ran across a doctor by the name of Crozier. He had perfected a means to transfer a mind into another’s body thus rendering a form of immortality. The time lords interceded killing Crozier and stopping the technology from getting out. I would assume that they might have given the Queen of the Crown the same attention since her process also presents a form of immortality. ”

“But wasn’t the high council at that time corrupt?”, Zordon asked making reference to the council that was on hand during the Ravolox incident. The Doctor nodded. “Yes they were. So it’s possible they may have let it slide. Plus the technology is reminiscent of that which Rassilon used when he offered immortality. ”

Carter and Katarina, who needed to walk for a bit, couldn’t help but pick up on the conversation and listened in. Samantha also stepped out of the TARDIS and participated as well. “Who’s Rassilon?”, Carter asked.

Samantha answered that question. “One of the founders of Time Lord society. He’s been credited for founding the ideals on which the Time Lords live. ”

“But what about the immortality Rassilon offered?”, Katarina asked. “What was that?”

The Doctor sighed before he answered as he remembered he and his five other selves having to play the game of Rassilon under the machinations of Lord President Borusa. They crossed the Death Zone to reach the tower which was Rassilon’s tomb and Borusa came forward desiring immortality only to find him transformed into a stone figure at the base of his pedistal. When the Doctor explained the process to Carter, Katarina and Samantha they were all wide eyed with surprise.

“Forget I asked. “, Carter said. “I’ll just make my remaining years count. ”

“That’s good advice. “, the Doctor said. “Now shouldn’t you get some rest? You know you can’t keep hovering over that console forever. ”

“I’m just worried about my friends is all. “, Carter answered.

“But it will do you no good if you are too tired to help them should they need it. “, Katarina said, then she had an idea. “You want to go to the gym and get in a little sparring practice?”

Carter noded. Standing around was making him a little edgy. He wouldn’t be able to help his friends if he didn’t get rest, but his anxiety prevented him from relaxing. So he took up Katarina on her offer and headed to the gym.

The Doctor, Zordon, Samantha and Alpha all watched Katarina lead Carter out of the main chamber while Samantha decided she would watch over the com terminal for a while. “I’ll relieve you in two hours. “, Alpha offered while Samantha nodded. Zordon and the Doctor however went back to watching the Troopers and Beetleborgs relive their encounter with the Queen of the Crown.

“We got the call saying that a new sort of monster had appeared in Virtual Reality. “, Ryan said. “Professor Hart couldn’t identify it at all. ”

J. B. then spoke next. “She called us out saying ‘Troopers! Come out and face me, or all reality as you know it shall fall!’ She then fired energy from her hands as she leveled a whole mountain in virtual reality. We all realized that if she could do that in VR, then what could she do in normal reality. ”

“So we transformed and went to face her. “, Ryan said. “We didn’t have a chance. ”

“She said she was the Queen of the Crown, and that we would fall before her. “, Kaitlin explained to Jo and Molly. “Ryan gave his usual speech saying that the VR Troopers would never fall before her and we got ready for battle. We first went at it hand to hand. I had my VR daggars, Ryan with his VR sword and J. B. with his lance. She just dodged them like they were nothing and connected everyone of her shots that she sent at us. I went into doubleteam mode and my double and I threw our daggars at the Queen. An energy wave had appeared from her hands and vaporized the daggars. It also sent my double and me flying back into Ryan and J. B. ”

“Virtual double?”, Molly asked. Kaitlin smiled with a twinge of humor.

“Yeah in trooper mode I can transform into a VR version of the Doublemint twins. “, Jo chuckled at Kailin’s joke and even Kaitlin laughed. Both Jo and Kaitlin shared a look glad that they could still laugh a little. It seemed like they hadn’t for a long time.

“So what happened next?”, Jo asked.

Ryan continued to tell the story. “Well we decided to call up energy weapons. We had all drawn up our blasters and aimed them straight at the center of the Queen’s chest. We saw an explosion thinking we had gotten her and we celebrated with high fives. ”

J. B. interrupted again. “But as the smoke cleared we saw the queen pass on through like it was nothing. There was no flash burns, no torn clothing, no nothing. The Queen looked unscathed. ”

The story went back to Ryan. “J. B. and I then decided to call up our VR laser weapons. J. B. had his laser lance, and I called up my laser saber. Again we couldn’t get through. These creatures came to her aid and fought off both J. B. and myself. And they were winning. ”

“It was like they knew our moves before we did. “, J. B. added. “Through the fight I made out that the Queen had called them ‘Slaver Lords’. ”

“Two other slaver lords came in and gave Kaitlin and her double some trouble of there own. No pun intended. “, but Ryan nonetheless smiled at his little joke.

“With the boys down my double and I were the only ones left to fight her and her henchmen. “. Kaitlin recalled her and her virtual double trying to fight through to get to the queen, but the slaver lords had proved to be too strong for the Trooper girls. Once the slaver lords overwhelmed them both the Queen fired a bolt of energy apiece at the two White Troopers and both went down.

When the Troopers retroformed and the virtual double dissapeared the Queen ordered the Slaver Lords to take them back to the Prison Sub-dimension where Minion was waiting. “I was unconscious most of the time, but I knew that we were in a cell. And none of us could fight back. It was like it was an effort just to pick up one finger, which was how weak I felt. ”

Kaitlin brushed her hand through her hair hanging her head down as her face reflected how she felt about being unable to stand against the queen. Jo looked at her with a mix of sorrow and sympathy.

“Sounds a lot like what the guys and I went through. “, she said as she began the Beetleborg’s story.

In the boys’ quarters Roland and Drew were telling the same story. Drew provided the introduction. “The Queen of the Crown struck at us too. But what made this different was she had decided to send us someone we had faced before. ”

Roland spoke next. “We faced a monster called Shadowborg who was basically an evil Beetleborg. Flabber, the phasm that gave us our powers, sensed something returning and knew right away that it was Shadowborg. We borged to go face him but Flabber hoped that we wouldn’t have. ”

“The Queen modified Shadowborg didn’t she?”, J. B. asked. It was the only thing that made sense. If a villian gave the heroes a run for their money despite being destroyed the best solution usually is to modify the villian so the flaws don’t happen again.

The Beetleboys nodded at J. B. ‘s assumption. “We didn’t have a chance. “, Drew said. “He took our powers and then took us to the prison dimension where Minion set up shop. He turned us over to the Queen so she could drain our life energy. ”

“Eventually Shadowborg and Minion were destroyed and we were sent back home. “, Roland said. “But the Queen still wasn’t done with us. ”

“Not by a longshot. “, Drew added.

“We were out in the forest near Hillhurst. “, Jo explained. “Josh had come by wanting to check to see if everything was all right due to the temporary return of Shadowborg. It was then the monsters decided they wanted a four-course meal. ”

“Monsters?”, Kaitlin asked in disbelief.

“Yeah if you can believe it. Hillhurst is a haunted house that has a wolfman, a mummy, a vampire, a frankenbeans monster and a little ghoul in the basement. Also there’s Flabber, he’s the phasm that gave us our powers. ” Kaitlin continued to take in Jo’s story as did Molly who were still trying to grasp the concept of real monsters in a real haunted house. Jo continued her story.

“Anyway, like I said. The monsters wanted a four course meal with me and the other Beetleborgs as the four courses. We kind of got into our usual chases all around Hillhurst until we were chased outside. I could hear Fangula shouting ‘And don’t come back!’ in the distance. We ran into the forest not aware that they were waiting for us. ”

“Who are they?”, Albee asked.

“New minions of the queen. I didn’t really catch who they really were. “, Ryan said. “They had attacked and quickly overpowered us then they started a fire leaving three body doubles behind to represent Kaitlin, J. B. and me. They had teleported us out and the queen then used smaller versions of her crystals to trap our life forces inside so we could be the power sources to the Psycho Rangers that Biilly Cranston created. ”

“Sounds like us too. “, Drew said. “We were overpowered and body doubles were left of us behind as well. We. . . . . ” Drew couldn’t take it anymore and he had burst into tears. Tears that Ryan Steele, J. B. Reese, Kaitlin Star, Jo McCormick, Roland Williams and Josh Baldwin shared.

“They made us into weapons and I couldn’t stop them. “, Jo cried. “I wasn’t strong enough. I wasn’t good enough. None of us were. None of us could do anything!”

Molly stood wanting to console the two heroines. Standing in the doorway, Lilith Satana looked in and performed an act that a demoness rarely performed in its lifetime.

She reached out and embraced both Jo and Kaitlin in a group hug. Molly joined in trying to offer whatever strength she could to the two heroines who met with a terrible defeat at the hands of a powerful evil.

Heather Davis stood in the doorway unoticed as the boys told Albee their story. When Drew and Josh went into tears she had consoled both boys as they cried on her shoulders. Unia stood over both Ryan, J. B. and Roland as she placed her hands on Ryan and Roland’s shoulders and subconsciously offering her strength to them.

“So the great heroes are human after all. “, Unia said.

The Syber Squad had a sililar reaction as they broke down in tears as well after telling their story about the Queen of the Crown taking them again and using them to power the rings of the Psycho Rangers. Amp then started to speak trying to reassure his friends.

“I once watched an episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation where Captain Picard went home after he was assimilated by the Borg. He and his brother had fought and after the fight Picard broke down in tears telling that he too couldn’t do anything against the Borg. Do you know what he said?”

Sam lifted his head. The redness on his face apparent showing that he had been crying. “What?”

“This will be with you for a long time. “, Lillith said to the two heroines seated before her. Her hands on their shoulders offering them comfort. “But how you deal with it is up to you. ”

Jo and Kaitlin looked up at Lillith confused. “What do you mean?”, Jo asked.

“What I mean is how are you going to deal with the hand fate had dealt you. “, Unia said to the boys speaking as if Amp, Lillith and her were in some sort of crazy psychic link as they each said the same speech. “Are you going to deal with it sulking and hiding in offices, and so-called ‘safe lives’?”

“Or are you going to deal with it continuing to fight evil as the Super human Samuri Syber Squad?”, Amp finished.

Sam Collins looked up to where Zhane, Karone and Amp were looking at them. Syd, Tanker and Lucky followed his lead and looked up as well. “I always did enjoy being Servo I guess. “, Sam said weakly. “Stopping Kilokhan and all his plans. ”

“Smashing his megavirus monsters. “, Tanker added.

“And literally surfin the waves of Cyberspace. “, Lucky said feeling a little enthusiasm for the old adventures.

“It really made me feel good inside you know. Fighting the good fight. ” Zhane muttered under his breath to Karone “I hope it’s not the same good fight as the one that ‘Steven Richards’ dork fights. ”

“Don’t worry. They’re not fighting to have us dress like fast-food restaurant managers and tell others to walk talk and think like nerds. ” Zhane and Karone both chuckled at Karone’s little joke which got confusing looks from the Syber Squad.

“Little joke. You’ll get it in four years. “, Karone had said. Sam however seemed to be in somewhat of a funk despite the good feelings he got from the memories of being Servo.

“But what can we do about Kilokhan now?”, Sam asked. “He’s got all new power while we only have the main Servo program. ”

Zhane then came up with an idea and the squad wondered what he had in mind. “I think I know what to do about your powers. But we’ll need Doubledealer’s help. ” The Syber Squad looked at Zhane interested in what he had to offer.

“I’ll explain later, but for right now Karone I think we need to charge up Doubledealer. “, Karone nodded as she and Zhane went upstairs to the garage where Doubledealer sat awaiting the boost of energy from his partners. The Syber Squad, curious about what would happen next followed them.

“So your new body is a mixture of both Hillard and Hart DNA?”, Nathan asked Kathy. Kathy nodded and Nathan responded with “How interesting. ”

“What makes you say that?”, Kathy asked.

Nathan took a breath before answering. “My main parents were both Katherine Hillard and Thomas Oliver, but I was infused with the DNA of other rangers as well. Bloodlines run through me starting with the original rangers and beyond. Accounting for years of ranger tradition. ”

Kathy then asked, “Is Kim Hart’s bloodline within you as well?” Nathan nodded yes and Kathy flashed a smile that was reminiscent of her mother Kim.

“So I guess that makes us family in a way huh?”. Nathan couldn’t help but chuckle at the statement. “Yes I guess it does. As well as Nate’s and Natalie’s”

“Who are they?”, Kathy asked.

“Well, also added into my genetiuc code was the DNA of Trey of Triforia. When circumstances caused for me to separate my three forms they had come out as myself, Nate Hillard and Natalie Revilo. Nate unfortunately received the aspect where a techno-organic virus flooded his system transforming him into a living robot. ” Pulling down the collar on the back of his neck he showed the spot where a remnant of the virus lay dormant. Kathy looked on grossed out.

“It must be terrible. Especially for Nate. “, Kathy said. Nathan nodded that it was.

“So what happened to Natalie?”, she later asked. Nathan answered, “She was sent into the future trying to stop future evils from disrupting the time stream. But I always feel her presence. ”

Kathy smiled and said. “Well it’s nice to know some questions can be answered. “. Then she added, “Now if I could only solve my other problem. ”

“What other problem?”, Nathan asked his ‘sister’.

Kathy curved her right lip in a sarcastic half-smile before speaking. “Identity crisis. It seems like I’m just going through life not really knowing who I am, or what I’m supposed to do. ”

“Clarify please. “, Nathan asked.

Kathy paused before explaining her dilema. “When I was younger, I was supposed to be nothing more than a showpiece in my father’s hall. Something to impress the other Luciferian lords when they came to visit or he needed to impress one of them. Sure I learned to fight and trained with the combat masters but it always seemed my role in life was to stand in a corner and look pretty.

“I didn’t like that at all. But then an attack came, and I was crushed under the weight of a pillar. I died, kind of. Sure my old body was crushed but my father had a sorceress on hand who prevented my soul from passing on. Then Katherine and Kimberly came into my father’s service. Originally they were supposed to be used for. . . his pleasure. “, Kathy then flashed Nathan a look that said ‘don’t ask about details you don’t want to know’, and Nathan took the hint and didn’t ask.

“But father had a different idea. He had his scorcoress Black Annie magically take samples of their DNA as they were. . . entertaining him and fused them together to create a new body with which my soul was housed in. I took to getting to know my two new mothers and grew to admire them, but then father decided to send me away to a boarding school on another Luciferian world. I’ll say straight out I didn’t want to go. ”

Kathy smiled and Nathan smiled as well. “I’ll bet you didn’t. “, he said before Kathy spoke again.

“I found my mothers on Iocaste where we had to fight some monsters called the Tek’latha. After that I went to Earth where I joined the Night Rangers due to me being prophesised by Zordon that I would join. ”

“So what’s the problem?”, Nathan asked.

Kathy looked at Nathan in amused surprise. “What’s my problem? My problem is that it seemed like so much of my life is dictated to me whether by my father, a lord, or some sort of prophesy. It’s like I have no direction of my own. Only point and follow. It’s like I don’t know who I am anymore. ”

Nathan smiled sympathetically then said, “Well I can right now tell you what you aren’t. ” You are not a showpiece to your father. You are not an evil spoiled child which was probably what these. . . Luciferians wanted. And you are definitely not evil.

“You are a creature of goodness who has embraced the gifts the two Pink Rangers have given you. Not only in body, but in heart. When you went into combat what were you the most concerned with?”

“The lives of people under attack. “, Kathy answered wondering where Nathan was going with his speech.

“Exactly. You have shown that you care for others and that you can’t stand to see anyone hurt by monsters that prey on others for the sake of evil or pleasure. You have much love in your soul. Love that is a common trait in all Pink Rangers, as well as the essence of life which exist side by side within the Pink Ranger powers. ”

“Wow you really seem to know so much. “, Kathy said. “So tell me, ‘Who am I?'”

Nathan grabbed her shoulders as he answered Kathy’s question. “You are Katherine Hart. Pink Night Ranger. A warrior who fights for love and life in a world of darkness and vows to protect, guide and nurture those lost in that darkness. ”

“You make it seem so easy. “, Kathy said.

“It is. “, Nathan answered. “When you’re in battle, or you see someone in trouble, your true self emerges. And you embrace it. Listen to yourself, even when you’re in battle. The whispers of your soul will tell you that I’m right. ”

“The whispers of the soul?”, Kathy asked. “That sounds like something the book of Zordon would say. ” Nathan just smiled then turned back to look at the sunset. Kathy then turned and decided to do the same.

In the garage Doubledealer continued to sit waiting for Zhane and Karone to come back from their pig-out so they could fuel Doubledealer, even though the pizzas with the works hadn’t arrived yet. “What. . . took. . . you. . . guys so. . . long?”, the Cybertron mercenary asked.

“Hey, you aren’t exactly a fuel conservative person you know. “, Karone said as Zhane transformed into Doubledealer’s vehicular mode engine. Doubledealer felt the energy from Zhane fill his circuits as he approached a tolerable power source. Backing out of the garage Doubledealer then transformed into robot mode as Karone transformed into Doubledealer’s second engine thus completing the recharge.

Once Doubledealer was back up to power Zhane and Karone told him of their plan for the Syber Squad. “YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS?!!”, was his immediate response.

“We’re very serious DD. These kids are the only ones who can stop Kilokhan on equal footing. They’ve had experience fighting him before and they know how to handle him now. “, Karone said.

“But in order for that to happen they need to undergo the budding process. “, Zhane added. The squad looked up wondering what Zhane, Karone and Doubledealer were talking about.

“Budding process?”, Sam asked. “They don’t mean that same budding process you mentioned right Amp?”

“I think I see where you guys are going. “, Amp said to Doubledealer, Zhane and Karone. “You want us to use the Servo program to download ourselves into your metal frame and once there we merge our energy with that of the five buds you will release. We come out in new Cybertronian bodies ready to fight Kilokhan. ”

“That’s what these two yayhoos have in mind. “, Doubledealer said. “And it’s something I ain’t about to do. ”

“Besides, what would happen to us if we did undergo this process?”, Syd asked. “We won’t be human anymore. ”

“Not exactly. “, Zhane added. “The Servo program has transformation capabilities inside, albeit limited ones in regard to Servo. ”

“Which means the program won’t be enough to make these kids human again if they join with the process. How praytell do you plan to do that? Let alone deal with the swarm molecules that will escape?”

“Oh I thought we could put two and two together. “, Zhane said. “Much like Kilokhan used his power to reformat the swarm molecules, the Servo program could reformat the swarm molecules to serve as transformation circuits so the kids can go back and forth between human and Cybertron modes. ”

Doubledealer thought long and hard about the wild idea of his two partners. “I don’t like this you know. ”

“I know. “, Karone said. “But it may be the kids’ only chance against Kilokhan and his new army. ”

Doubledealer then turned to the five members of the former Superhuman Samuri Syber Squad and asked, “Well? What do you think about this?”

The kids talked amongst themselves for a few minutes as they discussed the risks and what might possibly happen if they did, and didn’t undergo the process. If they did, then the possibility of going against another Queen of the Crown like villian was likely. If they didn’t Kilokhan could run across Earth unopposed.

Finally after much deliberation Sam turned to look up at Doubledealer, Zhane and Karone and said. “We’ll do it! All of us!”

Doubledealer sighed and said, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ”

Part 11