On the right track

When I saw the first ten or so minutes of the show I thought for sure that Sherlock would go and accuse Culverton Smith based on the accusations of the man’s daughter. That Holmes would be betrayed by the daughter and end up hospitalised (I had seen the hospital bed in the trailer). This would allow Culverton to kill him, which had been his plan all along. And then Holmes would prove he was correct using the modern equivalent of somebody standing out of sight and listening.

That wasn’t how it turned out. As it turns out Culverton Smith had no idea about his “daughter” seeking out Sherlock Holmes or the detective’s increasing obsession with him. There was no plan to set Sherlock up for failure which we might have seen with an earlier villain. All we had with Culverton Smith was an evil man who couldn’t stop confessing and letting people know what he was while making it impossible for them to use his words against him. As villain’s go he was a very simple rich bad guy.

E on the other hand… Now I stated a while back that I thought Sherlock had been mentally conditioned by Mycroft and that his older brother was slowly feeding him the key to memories he had suppressed. That made me wonder if Sherlock knows he has at least one other sibling (something about that line that people stop looking at three thinking although this could be yet another reference to the possibility that the 13th episode will by the last)? Do his parent know and what did Mycroft do? What did Sherlock do will be a more appropriate question I think.

So the episode ends with E or Euros (the East Wind) shooting John. I really can’t wait to see where this goes.

Save John Watson… from what?

Tonight I watched the death of Mary Watson and I was upset. After surviving a vengeful former comrade who believed that she had betrayed him, she died saving Sherlock from being shot by a mere secretary. It was a wasteful needless death caused almost entirely by Sherlock's need to taunt. And throughout the scene Mary told him to stop and he ignored her because his inability to truly understand human emotion. It was actually a cool flashback to that first episode where Sherlock and Mary met after John had hit him a few times and Sherlock could not understand why his friend wasn't pleased to see him. This time it cost a life.

Then came the last few minutes and the message to save John Watson. Save him from whom? I'm assuming it was the red headed woman on the bus. No idea how Mary knew about his apparent affair, but maybe there is more to E (after Missy anytime a character announces themselves as a letter or short name I can't help think "what's it short for?") and her comment about being a vampire than a simple joke.

If not then the next best guess is himself. At the end of the episode John Watson has lost his wife and turned his back on his best friend. Who will help him put his life back together if the two people who love him the most are not around? I bet the Molly/Watson ficcers are already working on this.

Good thing is there is only a week until we find out.

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger – please be good

Please let the 2017 Sentai be a good one.

It's really gotten bad to be at the point where I have gone 18 months without giving Kamen Rider more than an occasional and stopped watching the Super Sentai after the fourth week (I had to force myself to watch it that long). Seriously the Kamen Rider Ghost theme was a good idea but they just failed to put it all together. Drive was a brilliant series in my mind so maybe I am a little biased.

However 2016's Super Sentai has been awful. The mecha looks like something a 3 year old would build out of Duplo Bricks, there are far too many ideas mashed together in there and really is does seem like South park's theory of how Family Guy's creators come up with their ideas. Hey let's put (spinning the wheel) animal people against (spin the wheel) game playing villains. It did just occur to me if they had just taken the villains and given them to Kamen Rider they've have gotten it right.

And had they done that maybe there's a chance I would have enjoyed Ex-Aider too. Alas it seems that the standard for Kamen Rider has fallen for the second year in a row.

Justice League / Power Rangers Crossover

I've just seen the news that there is to be a JLA and Power Rangers crossover. In the past DC has accomplished crossovers with He-Man, Marvel Comics, Thundercats and many other franchises, so I suppose bringing in Power Rangers is not that big a stretch.

But I do have a problem with such crossovers and that problem is Superman. You see Superman is depending on the writer, powerful enough to shift planets on his own and the rest of the JLA are often portrayed as his peers, each with a level of power that grows and diminishes according to how powerful Superman appears. So against the likes of Machine Empires or space pirates it would raise the question of why do we need the Power Rangers?

Of course the good thing about Power Rangers is that there are different types of villains. There are the machines, and pirates and aliens, but there are also the magic users. And there perhaps lies the type of villain that would cause Superman to ask for help. After all he is known to have a slight… weakness when it comes to hocus pocus. Now the JLA does have its own magic users, but I'm not sure many of them could be described as warriors, which when facing an invading army is probably a useful thing to be.

And then I can't help but wonder how they will meet. If they were meeting with Turbo or RPM I could have seen the Flash blundering his way into a crossover by vibrating a bit too much around the barriers between dimensions. And then of course there are always the possibilities of external influences drawing the two worlds together for ulterior motives. It should be noted at this point that I'm assuming the JLA will find their way to the Power Rangers' world when it is perfectly possible that this is all the results of an evil spell or one of Billy's inventions gone awry.

Clash of the Champions

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers; they belong to their respective copyright owners and are used here without permission. No money is being made from this fic. This is an alternate universe from the television show with an alternate timeline.
Authors Note: This is the first part of a new series exploring what happens when evil gets its hands on the Zeo Crystal. It is based in an alternate reality within the Conquest of Evil Multiverse. However in this reality events did not run quite the same. This chapter sees the one and only appearance of Minion in this series. There is no Samoht Revilo/Tom Oliver to save the day here.

Clash of the Champions

"The best laid plans of mice
and men often go awry"


"A mirror, right?" the impostor asked.

As soon as he spoke, he knew it was a mistake. Even Kimberly would not make things that easy, more likely it had been something only the true Billy would know. 'Damn!' He'd been so busy fighting the real Billy that he had not paid enough attention. She had tricked him, using some stupid hologram project Billy had supposedly been working on earlier, not a mirror. ... Read More

The Omega Protocol

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers, Super Sentai or Voltron. They all belong to their respective copyright owners.

The Omega Protocol

The Power Ranger Museum, New Tech City

As the visitors roamed their way through the building, they came to a stop in one of the many lecture halls. Today there was a special presentation and so in addition to the many school children, there were members of the press waiting to hear the exciting news.

A shower of sparks appeared on the stage, mimicking the teleportation effect they had seen in the holographic dramas of the Power Rangers. The sparks faded, leaving behind a young man with dark hair and a fixed smile.

"Hi folks, I'm Max Speed, Ranger historian and resident expert on..." he paused for dramatic effect... "THE POWER RANGERS!" He winked at a few of the ladies suggestively. "Now those of you who've been here before will know that I am this facility's senior tour guide and expert in all things regarding the Power Rangers, their enemies and the many battles they fought to protect this planet. My video guide The Life and Times of Zordon of Eltare can be purchased on your way out.

"Today I have the ... Read More

SPD: The Omega Sacrifice

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers, they belong to their respective copyright owners. This is a fan work and no profit is being sought nor made.
Author's note: This is an SPD fic based in the year 2040. There are a few differences from the show mainly that SPD fell due to a traitor, but this is mainly intended to be a prequel to Sam's appearance as well as an explanation of why he is a ball of light. This fic also assumes that even for SPD and their enemies, time travel is not something easily accomplished until after Sam travelled.

SPD: The Omega Sacrifice


Sam remembered the day the Troobians had wiped out Space Patrol Delta. It had been the day the Earth and many other worlds had fallen to their power. It had been the day that Doggie Kruger had been executed on the steps of his own headquarters. It had been a swift victory mostly due to the failure of SPD's technology. It had been the day that they had realised there had been a traitor in the organisation willing to hand millions of lives to the enemies. One of his greatest regrets was that fifteen years later ... Read More

End of Days Prologue

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers or Super Sentai. They belong to the respective copyright owners.
This is a new story I decided to try a while back.

End of Days Prologue

"In the beginning there had been nothingness. Then had come the Creator. He made the planets and the stars, and filled the darkness with light. Eventually he grew tired of his work and following a cycle of rest, he chose to turn his attention elsewhere. In his place arose the conceptual forces of Good, Evil, Chaos, Order, Love, Hate, Life and Oblivion. The powerful entities clashed among themselves, drawing and redrawing alliances to gain the upper hand.

As the universe grew up a war of ideologies turned into a battle of opposing energies and eventually physical beings. As the first entities representing good and evil concluded their battle, others stepped forward to take their place. And other time more replacements came forward, fighting on a smaller and smaller scale. Eventually the existence of the Creator was disputed. Even the physical existence of the conceptual forces was placed in doubt as the never ending, multi-fronted battle continued.

As the great gods of Good and Evil claimed vast dimensions as their own, ... Read More

The New Enemy Prologue: The Warning

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. They belong to whichever party currently owns that copyright. This is a fanwork and no profit is being made from it.
Author's Note: This is the prologue for the New Enemy series. It starts just after the events in Master Vile and the Metallic Armour.

The New Enemy Prologue: The Warning

The battle was over, Master Vile's scheme to seize the legendary Zeo Crystal had failed and the Power Rangers had once again saved the planet from the forces of evil. Following the battle, the Rangers had used the White Ranger's sword to break the Zeo Crystal into pieces, which they had then thrown into a time vortex. While there was a chance some of the larger fragments had bonded to the Rangers as they had thrown them into the void, most were simply lost. And without all the fragments it would be impossible for Master Vile to succeed in his plan.

As Alpha moved around the Command Center, adjusting the various scanners to keep watch for possible threats, Zordon was aware of a presence he had not felt for a long time. The ancient citadel that served as Zordon's monitoring post had been ... Read More